DNC Queen City Bash Caught In Amendment One Fallout

Last night’s vote on North Carolina’s so-called Marriage Amendment didn’t do any favors for President Obama. Not only was The One, who still claims an “evolving” position on gay marriage, last seen ducking a planned visit to the Tar Heel state on Election Day; the passage of Amendment One is also causing a backlash for Obama’s big Queen City Bash in September.

In the wake of Amendment One winning broad support at the polls, the NYC-based Gay Marriage USA has launched a petition calling for the Democratic National Convention to snub North Carolina:

On May 8th, the people of North Carolina voted in support of Amendment One, a constitutional amendment that discriminates against LGBT people, couples & their families. In protest, the Democratic National Convention Committee should MOVE its convention (September 2012) to a state that upholds values of equality & liberty, and which treats ALL citizens equally.

It looks like the petition has received nearly 18,000 signatures in the short time it’s been active. There’s little reason to think the petition would or could have any impact on the DNC’s location, regardless of how much support it reaps. But it’s one more embarrassment to add among an already large pile of them for Democrats as they gear up to host what appears to be their party’s not-ready-for-prime-time convention in Charlotte.

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  1. Skyler The Weird:

    Quick let’s all sign unless you’ve already sublet your house.

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  2. boonecountygirl:

    They have only themselves to blame… if their hero had not been such a calculating little coward and had come out BEFORE the vote perhaps the outcome would have been different, especially given the strength of the black evangelical vote. This should prove once and for all that Obama is only looking out for himself and could care less about their silly causes.

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