The Socialist-in-Chief

Martin Bashir, the muppet whisperer from MSDNC – the cable network favored by both Barack Obama and Osama bin Laden, has declared that Mitt Romney is the real European Socialist in the presidential race. Bashir prattled on with some strange babble about austerity and European leaders, but I could barely make it out over the hooting and hollering coming from…well, coming from me.

I am not exactly the president of the Mitt Romney fan club, but I’ve got to tell you that he’s clearly not the socialist. Let’s take a look at Greece and France. The voters in those countries went to the polls and essentially threw gigantic national temper tantrums. The Greek voters asked why should they give up all of those vacation and pension benefits, even though they can’t afford them. They voted socialist. The French voters spent six years with President Nicolas Sarkozy reminding them to be responsible. Instead they voted for the socialist Francois Hollande who told them they did not have to eat their veggies after all. His plan is to attack businesses.

There’s a socialist running here in our presidential election and it’s not Mitt Romney.

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  1. Lewis:

    No Preference get 21% to the socialist Obama’s 79%. See if the drive by media reports that.

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