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When TEA and the Status Quo Collide


As the various TEA Parties try to influence politics, they need to be reminded of a few things. Indeed, all the people need to be reminded of those things.

One of the reasons for the existence of “Taxed Enough Already” organizations is the general dissatisfaction with the waste in government. However, to those on the receiving end of the waste, it is not waste, but income.

Crony capitalism is one name for the distortions of government, but it is hardly the only method of getting government to take from the taxpayers to give to some undeserving entity.

One example now under discussion in North Carolina has to do with the movie industry. The taxpayers give them up to 25% of their expenses or payroll. What do the taxpayers get in return? Well, some of them get some extra business, a few of them get part time or temporary jobs…every job in the movie industry is temporary…but mostly taxpayers get the bill.

Another example is the discussion in Congress about rewriting the tax code. Why do we need to do that? We’re told that the tax code was rewritten and cleaned up during the Reagan years and an economic boom followed. What happened? Congress happened. Special interests from professors studying the sex life of rats to studying how college students use mobile devices for social networking. Yes, your money at work. (See Senator Tom Coburn’s report)

It is easy to go on, but the point is TEA parties are filled with people who are tired of their government wasting their money. So they got together and formed groups whose sole purpose is to try to change this. A laudable goal, but one which conflicts with the establishment; the elite. And since it is in conflict with the establishment, these upstarts will be attacked.

We all know of the attacks, they come from every corner. From the press to the politicians on both sides (what a joke) of the aisle.

A quote is in order. From Noam Chomsky’s “What Uncle Same Really Wants”.  At the beginning of the chapter, WAR is PEACE. FREEDOM IS SLAVERY. IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH:

The terms of political discourse typically have two meanings. One is the dictionary meaning, and the other is the meaning that is useful for serving power – the doctrinal meaning. Take democracy. According to the commonsense meaning, a society is democratic to the extent that people can participate in a meaningful way in managing their affairs. But the doctrinal meaning of democracy is different – it refers to a system in which decisions are made by sectors of the business community and related elites. The public are to be only “spectators of action,” not “participants”, as leading democratic theorists (in this case Walter Lippman) have explained. They are permitted to ratify the decisions of their betters and to lend their support to one or another of them, but not to interfere with matters – like public policy – that are none of their business.  If segments of the public depart from their apathy and begin to organize and enter the public arena, that’s not democracy. Rather, it’s a crisis of democracy in proper technical usage, a threat that has to be overcome in one or another way: in El Salvador by death squads-at home, by more subtle and indirect means.

This, my friends is worth rereading. Think about how the TEA Parties have been treated. The press attacks them at every turn. The President has used the IRS to attack them. Lawyers do their share. The Democrats have an easy time of it since most TEA Parties are filled with Republicans. But he Republican elite doesn’t like them either.

What is the problem? The people in the TEA Parties think they have the right question and try to change the status quo. The people in the TEA parties actually are acting on the stated belief that the government is “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

What nerve. What wonderful, wonderful nerve.

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