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More Tax Payer Subsidized Entertainment


When one reads the Constitution it is hard to find where it says government shall provide entertainment and hope for the people, but it must be in there somewhere.

Recent news has brought forth information about two uptown projects being planned by Crescent Communities.  As one reads the article, you can look, in vain, to see where the government is using taxpayer money to fund these projects. How can that be? But suddenly, it occurs to the casual reader that these projects are from current residents who aren’t providing entertainment. The project proponents must therefore operate without the support of taxpayer transfers.

Just two days prior is a more satisfying article. A hotel and sports complex, helped in large part by taxpayer transfers, is being touted.

Sports: something local government is legitimately involved with. It is the function of government to support sports and other entertainments of the people.  Here our betters will spend only $18 million of our taxes. What a pittance. Jerry Richardson and friends got $80+ million. Michael Jordan is looking at less that $50 million. Then there is the NASCAR fiasco, the baseball stadium, Eastland Mall, and the list continues. Let me quote from the article: “…acknowledged the Bojangles redevelopment has a “higher risk” than many other public-private partnerships. ‘That’s what we have to work through, and deliver a deal that council will be comfortable with”.  So says Brad Richardson.

What a job. Working with developers and others and not having to worry if you lose money or not, just raise taxes on the people who can’t even afford a ticket to the Panther’s game or a night with Michael’s team.

This is what government has become: a method to take taxes and spend it on entertainment. For Mr. Brad Richardson, he has only to convince city council, who themselves exhibit little concern for the taxpayers.

Seriously, they’re talking about raising taxes while giving millions away to rich people; for entertainment!

I say, lower taxes, let the rich people pay for their own entertainment.

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