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Steinberg Draws Contrast with Pittenger Record of Obamacare Funding

Mike Steinberg

Mike Steinberg

With only a month remaining before the May 6 primary election, Republicans in the 9th Congressional District held their convention in Charlotte last Saturday.

Taking the podium to address those in attendance, Mike Steinberg, Congressman Robert Pittenger’s conservative primary challenger, drew what might be the strongest contrast between two Congressional candidates of any Republican primary in the country.

During his four minute speech, Steinberg criticized the freshman Congressman for voting to fund Obamacare last October through the Continuing Resolution. He said Pittenger was one of 87 Republicans who voted to fund Obamacare, defecting from the majority of Republicans (144 of them) who opposed the CR.

Steinberg stated, “Mr. Pittenger said he voted against Obamacare 20 times, and that is true. The House took dozens of what FreedowWorks called ‘ineffectual symbolic votes’, and Ted Cruz called them ‘meaningless show votes.’ When it really counted, the ultimate vote, all of those show votes were gone. We had that one vote on October 16, 2013, and Mr. Pittenger voted to fund Obamacare.”

The following video is Steinberg’s entire speech.

Last summer Rep. Pittenger made national TV for his Town Hall meeting in Charlotte when he answered a question I posed: “Will you vote with Mike Lee and Meadows … to defund Obamacare, Yes or No?” Pittenger’s reply of “No” gained national attention. Here’s that video:

At another town hall meeting, more constituents expressed their dissatisfaction with Congressman Pittenger for his unwillingness to defund Obamacare. You can watch that exchange through this video:

Then there was this odd exchange where Mr. Pittenger starts out with, “Hello friends of Chuck”.  Pittenger was clearly bothered by being questioned by me and showed his lack of respect toward constituents who question or disagree with him.

Finally, in a video filmed after the Obamacare oversight committee hearing held in Gaston County last November, Pittenger hits and grabs my camera for daring to ask why he would side with the Democrats and fund Obamacare.

What’s absolutely clear through all of these meetings and the video recordings is that Robert Pittenger does not mind being the poster child for progressive House Republicans who will fund Obamacare and raise our federal debt.

After winning the Primary runoff election two years ago by 6% points vs former Mecklenburg Sheriff Jim Pendergraph, Pittenger is in hot water if Steinberg is able to gain national attention for his grassroots campaign. Pittenger’s 2012 53% to 47% victory in this safe Republican strong hold of the 9th district might look decent on paper, but most of those 47% remember the ugliness of Pittenger’s attack ads and would likely vote against him — even without Pittenger’s vote to fund Obamacare.

The $3.2 million dollar question is (that’s the amount of money Pittenger spent to win the seat — the most of any Congressman in the country): will groups like Freedom Works, Club for Growth, Madison Project, and the other PACs throw their weight behind Mr. Steinberg? Will Mike Steinberg receive the endorsements of the great leaders of our conservative movement? So far he has received several endorsements, but more conservative groups are needed to support Mike to send a message to every corner of this nation that Conservative groups meant it when they said that every last one of those 87 Republicans who voted to fund Obamacare needed to face a primary and be defeated. As Jim DeMint said, “Anyone who votes to fund Obamacare should face a primary.”

The next 30 days will tell the story.

For more information on Mike Steinberg visit his campaign website at

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