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More Than 700,000 NC Voters Missing


The Voter Integrity Project announced today that North Carolina’s statewide election rolls now contain 739,041 voter registrations from people the election officials can no longer find.

“These missing voters are mostly people who moved away without telling the election office,” said Jay DeLancy, Director of VIP, “but the alarming recent growth in this voter category points to a more systemic problem.”

Missing-Voters.JPG-300x285There were 460,065 such voters at the beginning of 2007, but that number has exploded to 739,041 (a 62.3 percent growth) since then.  The only negative growth since then was in 2012, when VIP discovered nearly 30,000 deceased persons registered to vote.

“In an artfully deceptive ploy, election officials named these missing voters ‘inactive,’” DeLancy said, “implying they just sat out an election or two, but these people are genuinely missing and the public has been kept in the dark.”

North Carolina law (§ 163-82.7) requires election officials to complete two mailings to the voter at their registration address without response before a process begins that will eventually remove the missing (or “inactive”) voter.

“The law assumes that postal employees never make mistakes, so if the first letter is lost, thrown away or otherwise not returned, the person returns to ‘Active’ status,” he said, “but even if the first verification letter is returned undeliverable, election officials still can’t remove the voter.”

Missing-voter-graphFollowing the returned verification mailing, election officials must send a second (“confirmation”) letter. According to the National Voter Registration Act or “Motor Voter” law (USC 42, Ch.20, Sub I-H, Sec. 1973gg-6), if the confirmation mailing is either returned undeliverable or not returned at all, election officials are still not allowed to remove the voter from the rolls.

“Instead of removing them, motor-voter forces states to keep these missing persons on the rolls for another four years after that failed second mailing,” DeLancy said. “The big secret is that anybody can steal extra votes just by sending people into polling locations who can correctly recite the name and address of an inactive voter.”

North Carolina’s missing voters is part of a national epidemic of states losing contact with voters who are required by federal law to remain on the rolls long after they’ve moved away.

“Of course, this many voters lost in the system could function as a smokescreen for the criminal enterprise formerly called ACORN and NC PIRG who were both prosecuted for creating false voter registrations.”

Election integrity activists are concerned that large numbers of voters on the rolls without their knowledge could become an easy target for wholesale voter identity theft.

Missing-voter-states-300x127“Missing voters are like the dead voters from the past,” said DeLancy. “In both cases, if voters don’t know they’re on the rolls, stealing their vote is easy.”

The corrupting force behind our nation’s bloated voter rolls, the National Voter Registration Act, was the very first Congressional act that Bill Clinton signed into law upon his becoming President.

“This is a national epidemic, created by federal law,” said DeLancy, “so we hope Congress is paying attention.”

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9 Comments for “More Than 700,000 NC Voters Missing”

  1. Jay – are you trying to find still more ways of keeping North Carolinians from voting? You know that’s what communists do, don’t you?

    By the way, got any indictments for your ‘Perps’ list, yet? I didn’t think so.

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    • Zon,

      Spouting any hypocrisy or bigotry today? No one is trying to stop anyone from voting. We’re all trying to make sure people vote only once and only if they’re alive to do it themselves.

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      • Hogwash. You’re trying to keep the people that don’t vote for your lunatic cause from voting. Answer the question wing nut, how many indictments you got for in-person vote fraud in the last 10 years? Answer: Zero. How many convictions? Answer: Zero. Hell, you don’t even have any court appearances.

        You’re nothing more than a pathetic communist that has to block voting to have any semblance of power. Better start planning something major to really keep people from voting, the demographics are catching up to you, little man. These methods are not going to work much longer, Comrade.

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        • Zon,

          You’re the one full of hogwash. How is anything proposed stopping anyone from voting? All they need to do is use the ID they have already have or can easily get, to identify themselves when they line up on Tuesday to vote.
          The same ID they use to drive, cash checks, get into a government facility, take an airplane ride.

          That being too difficult they can do an absentee ballot or show up for early voting on numerous days.

          You just know people will actually only get to vote once. Else why are you so afraid? You’re afraid because you know it is true.

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          • If you were 10% as passionate about voting rights as you are gun rights, early voting would last for months, polling stations would be open 24 hours and be situated on every corner. Commie hypocrite.

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        • Zon,

          And another thing. Your name calling is really getting tiresome. Are you really that childish all the time? Or is just the leftist, Alinsky mindset that having no ability to make an argument you have been instructed to make ad hominem attacks. Does it make you feel the man you obviously aren’t?

          Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 5 Thumb down 0

        • Zon,

          There’s NO WAY to prove that I voted in person under my own name even if there’s a record of it.

          I so wish Zon would post his/her name and address here.

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        • Progressives are often ironic caricatures of themselves, but Comrade Zon made me laugh out loud when he wrote, “You’re nothing more than a pathetic communist that has to block voting to have any semblance of power.” Aside from confusing me greatly (I thought Proggies LOVED communism), he may have forgotten the famous quote by one of his patron saints, who said in a speech, “You know, comrades,that I think in regard to this: I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.” (Source: “Memoirs of the former secretary of Stalin,” by Boris Bazhanov). Yup. Uncle Joe explained in his own words, why our side is concerned about vote fraud and also why we’re unable to get prosecutions: Just as in gerrymandering, the election laws are rigged for one party to have the advantage. Prosecuting vote fraud with only a signature card is very difficult. We will get some eventually; but it sure would be easier if the law allowed photography in the voting enclosures. Hmmmm. Wonder why it’s not allowed. Maybe because it would either prove or prevent voter ID theft? …jus saying’

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          • Do you have anything more than tired platitudes, Jay? ANSWER THE QUESTION, COMMIE? How many indictments you got? How many convictions you got? Where is the problem you so feverishly are pushing a solution for?

            The answer is there is no problem. You and your fellow Communists just want to keep people from voting. It’s un-American and un democratic by any definition.

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