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NCDOT To Hold Closed Door Meetings With Local Officials to Discuss I77 Tolls

NCDOT and Cintra, the private company selected to operate the proposed toll lanes on I-77, will be holding a series of closed-door meetings with elected officials from the Lake Norman towns. The meetings will be held Thursday, August 21, 2014. Times and locations are as follows: 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. at Mooresville Town Hall 1:00 p.m. [...]

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Rewriting the History of BAC, Bailouts, and Busts

Countrywide deal is paying off big, BofA exec says — The Charlotte Observer, 2/19/09 The deal that cost Bank of America $50 billion – and counting — The Charlotte Observer, 8/16/14 Retroactive schadenfreude with perfect hindsight is not the goal here, especially when Bank of America’s dalliance with Countrywide raised red flags in real time as far back as those fateful [...]

August 19, 2014 | Posted in Carolinas,Char-Meck Beat,House Guests | Read More »

More Than 700,000 NC Voters Missing

The Voter Integrity Project announced today that North Carolina’s statewide election rolls now contain 739,041 voter registrations from people the election officials can no longer find. “These missing voters are mostly people who moved away without telling the election office,” said Jay DeLancy, Director of VIP, “but the alarming recent growth in this voter category [...]

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HOT Lanes Meets Spinal Tap…”these go to eleven?!?!”

Davidson’s Town Board met with LNTC and NCDOT officials last week to discuss HOT Lanes in a special meeting.  SeeDavidsonNews.net for the whole story. It’s commendable that this meeting occurred though it would have been much, much better if it had been allowed before the contract was signed for commercial close of the project.  Davidson Mayor, John Woods, squashed that from [...]

August 12, 2014 | Posted in Carolinas,Char-Meck Beat,House Guests | Read More »

Tillis Complicit in Cabarrus GOP Rebuke

After avoiding Cabarrus County during the primary election, Thom Tillis finally came to town last Thursday to address the county Republican Party, and I was eager to ask him a question. Last week Cabarrus State Senator Fletcher Hartsell quickly ran an amendment that strips the Cabarrus County Republican executive board of its ability to appoint [...]

August 11, 2014 | Posted in Carolinas,House Guests | Read More »

About That Confidential Information

At our meeting last week (WidenI77 TownHall meeting in Cornelius on July 24.  Click HERE for video.) we raised two issues regarding personal data.  First was the breath of information that could be collected, including SSN’s and medical data. Second was that the private company- Cintra- could be collecting it. Last Friday the NCDOT disputed [...]

August 1, 2014 | Posted in Carolinas,Char-Meck Beat,House Guests | Read More »

NCSEN Off the Critical Path to a Republican Majority?

A lot has been written in the past two weeks about the Republican infighting in Raleigh and the negative impacts it’s having on Team Tillis’s campaign for the US Senate.  The most current round of that fighting may be coming to an end with reports of a “framework” to end the budget stalemate between the more [...]

July 29, 2014 | Posted in Carolinas,House Guests | Read More »

Vote Fraud Prosecutions Are Getting Closer and Closer!

We’ve all heard the PEW Research Center’s cliche that likens vote fraud to getting struck by lightning, but now we understand how they get away with that nonsense: the key is prosecutions…and those things are hard to get! For example, the first five of our Florida and NC (FLANC) double voters have finally reached a level of [...]

July 29, 2014 | Posted in Carolinas,House Guests | Read More »

Sales Tax Referendum Back On?

Last week, it was reported HERE that we may have been saved from a referendum fight over increasing the local sales tax.  The NC Senate was looking to pass a bill that would cap local option sales tax at 2.5%.  Since Mecklenburg already charges that, the referendum would essentially be voided. However, due once again [...]

July 21, 2014 | Posted in Carolinas,Char-Meck Beat,Christian Hine | Read More »

Why You Should Write In John Rhodes

Splitting the conservative vote by supporting a candidate other than the nominee is a controversial activity indeed. Despite the Republican Party undermining real conservatives and conservative values on a regular basis, those of us refusing to yet again lend them our support in their quest for authority are considered the traitors and political heretics. Well, [...]

July 21, 2014 | Posted in Carolinas,House Guests | Read More »

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