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Strengthen Charlotte


StrengthenCharlotte is a group for those tired of divisive, partisan politics and just wanting to make a positive impact on a city they care about by throwing all the old stereotypes out the window and starting over with the simplicity of only a local focus, a foundation of age-old shared principles, and a new approach of using those principles to guide how we can improve the quality of life for all rather than why we cannot. StrengthenCharlotte’s first summit had over 250 attendees and the group is growing every day.

Principles and Objectives:

Principles: StrengthenCharlotte will locally work to efficiently and creatively champion the needs, and then wants, of Charlotte with a can-do vision and within the confines of our five shared principles of:

  1. Efficient Government
  2. Reasonable Taxes
  3. Individual Liberty
  4. Free Enterprise
  5. Upholding the Constitution

Objectives: StrengthenCharlotte will have the following five major initiatives:

  1. Local Coverage in person of City Council, County Commission, and School Board meetings
  2. Web Based Think Tank where after each meeting the attendee can inform the group through our website, fostering a virtual debate based upon our principles
  3. Local Liaison Services where a StrengthenCharlotte representative will be available upon request to provide updates on the three local boards at any Charlotte group’s reoccurring meetings
  4. As-Needed Action if after our debate, we find there is something going on that goes against our principles to a significant extent, we will call upon the group’s full membership
  5. Future Leadership Development finding and promoting potential candidates for local office

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