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Mecklenburg County Campaign for Liberty May Meeting

Please join us May 3rd in welcoming Rep. Ric Killian!

Rep. Killian is a Republican representing District 105 (South Charlotte) in the NC General Assembly. However, Rep. Killian is also Lieutenant Colonel Killian in the U.S. Army Reserve, and just returned from a 7-month deployment to Iraq as Chief of Operations of the engineering forces stationed at Camp Victory, near Baghdad. Ric saw a lot while in Iraq, and had this to say when recently interviewed about his experiences by the Charlotte Observer:

“I don’t think it’s our role to be nation-building. The military is there to fight and win wars and we’ve gone beyond that now,” Killian said. “It’s a touchy subject. It’s hard to put into sound bites, but I’ve seen it firsthand now. (Iraq) is better off. But it’s time for U.S. forces to come home. Is it a better place because of what we have done? Yes. Should we have done it? That’s a question I can’t answer.”

Please join us to hear what Ric has to say, and bring whatever questions you may have. As you know, one of the Campaign for Liberty’s most ardently-held positions is advocating a non-nterventionist foreign policy. Here’s your chance to speak to both a soldier and a legislator, hear about his experiences, and be heard yourself.

For the rest of the story as published by the Observer, please visit
Join us for dinner and fellowship at 6:30pm. The official meeting will start at 7, and we’ll adjourn officially at 8.

Skyland Family Restaurant
4544 South Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28209
(704) 522-6522
Thanks, and we’ll see you May 3rd!

Adam Love

NC State Coordinator

Campaign for Liberty

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