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The Daily Diatribe: The flap over the Texas School Board and its positions on capitalism, creationism, free enterprise and the like is giving the liberals in the media a field day. In a recent Wall Street Journal, an opinion piece written by Thomas Frank opines that the school  board is a bunch of bullies intent on ignoring liberalism while embracing conservatism, all leading to the intellectual decline of the students in Texas. To Mr. Frank (does anybody else see the irony in the sharing of that name with the ubiquitous Barney?) I would simply ask why he is so troubled.

Texas is a big state. They buy a lot of textbooks. If the textbooks reflect a conservative bent, then fewer children will be schooled in the modernist, relativist culture, and, for some reason, Mr. Frank sees this as a problem. I do not. I see it as a victory. After all, the modernist, relativist liberal of today has television, the internet, and freshman year in college to destroy anything little old Texas might have up its sleeve. One only need understand the popularity of “American Idol” and Paris Hilton to realize that the youth of America have pretty much already had their brains turned to mush. Why not give them a healthy dose of good old American tried-and-true values in at least an effort to stem the tide?

The answer to that is that liberals are greedy. They want it all cradle to grave, and unfortunately, the administration currently occupying Washington D.C. wants to give it to them. So, the conservative intellectuals (and I think that is most people in the United States with a modicum of common sense) recognize what is actually happening.  We have to read between the lines when it comes to this kind of populist propaganda. Separation of church and state means that God rests within each of us. We can do whatever we want whenever we want, as long as it is in the name of individualism. Anything less than that is anti-American.  That, by the way, is how you end up with forty million dead babies and counting.  The sanctity of a human life is no longer mandatory. You get to decide. The Texas school board doesn’t think that is the way it ought to be.

Charles Darwin gets to be God. The school board of Texas doesn’t think that is right. I concur, because in my sixty-odd years on this planet, it has been my experience that people make lousy Gods. You can rant and rave all you want about that issue, but I’ve yet to meet anyone on Earth who meets God’s standard of perfection. We all pretty much operate in a very narrow self-interest, and most times that conflicts with those that need help more than ourselves. And, if the truth be told, I think given a circumstance to do something that would benefit ourselves to the detriment of somebody else, most would do it; especially, if we knew there would be no consequence to the selfish action.

So, the question really is whether or not we are good people who occasionally do bad things or bad people who occasionally do good things. I’ll let you answer that, but I truly do believe that the Texas school board believes that, in order to bring up an amazing generation, children need to be schooled in principles and values that reflect a deflection of self in favor of a reflection on a brighter light.  To those of you who share this worldview, it is getting very, very late. We run the risk of being shut out of the process. It may already be too late. However, whenever it has looked bleak in America, we somehow pull a rabbit out of the hat, and remember what it is that made this nation great, under God.  It’s time to stand up, America.

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