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Revolutionaries in America: Who Will Stop Gay Marriage?


Who will stop them?  That is a question asked many times in history by defenders of religion, family, property, and tradition in the face of various fanatical revolutionaries.

Despite the question, the guillotine kept snapping heads in 18th century France until the revolutionaries exhausted themselves, in part by killing each other off, leading to military strongman Napoleon Bonaparte.  At one point Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was declared a “Temple of Reason” and about 2,500 Christian churches were closed by government decree.  To this day, France has not fully recovered from its frenzied revolution.

Despite the question, red terror ruled a massive, artificial Soviet Union for most of the 20th century before Marxism collapsed as a self-evident laughingstock, even to Communists.  Of course, the laughter cannot erase the fact of millions of innocent people murdered and imprisoned, often for their Christian faith, by Communist fanatics.  Nor does it change the pitiful spectacle today of Russia and other former “Soviet Socialist Republics” struggling to establish some semblance of justice after so many generations of systematic injustice.

Who will stop them is also a relevant question in America today.  We don’t ask it while watching heads chopped off by guillotines or the erection of a far-flung gulag archipelago.  We ask it, instead, in view of the revolutionaries hacking away at what it means to be a human being with gender and humanity’s oldest institution, marriage.

Those leading the homosexual movement may be less violent than their French and Russian revolutionary brethren, but their aims are just as radical.  Listen to what they say.

The Human Rights Campaign, self-styled as “America’s largest gay and lesbian organization,” has included the following among the “top 10 reasons for marriage equality”:

* “Marriage equality would build on America’s tradition of moving civil rights forward and erasing the inequities of the past.”

* “Separate is not equal.  Although any step toward legal recognition of same-sex couples and their families is a step in the right direction, GLBT [gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender] families will not be truly equal until they, too, can receive marriage licenses.”

* “GLBT people deserve equal access to the American dream.  Gay, lesbian bisexual and transgender people grow up dreaming of falling in love, getting married and growing old together.  Just as much as the next person, same-sex couples should be able to fulfill that dream.”

The basis for the arguments in favor of “gay marriage” is an ideology of radical equality, even absolute equivalence.  Gender represents no difference at all in human beings.  Thus, it becomes “unjust” to reserve marriage for two people of the opposite sex, and marriage must be open to couples of the same sex.

Like all man-made ideologies, this one is fatally flawed.  First, it allows an abstraction to trump a fact.  As to gender, there are indeed differences in human beings.  They are created male and female, different physically and psychologically, and there is a natural order and beauty built into that design.  You can ignore gender, but that doesn’t make the reality go away.

Second, homosexual ideology disregards the most fundamental truth in the history of man:  Humans are prone to go wrong, to choose evil — they need wise guidance as to what is good.

No government on earth can abolish evil and evil choices.  But societal rules, laid down with restraint and prudence, can encourage virtue and discourage vice, can help create a civilization of ordered liberty.  Such efforts in the past partly explain why our law has always limited marriage to a man and a woman and why sodomy has traditionally been a criminal offense.

As with other radical revolutionary movements, the homosexual movement has higher goals than simply amending laws.  At bottom, movement leaders really object to the created order and the one who made it.  Rather than rejoicing in creation, its wonders, mysteries and limits, they resent nature and seek to overturn it.

They also want society to acknowledge their bogus claims as legitimate.  If marriage open to homosexuals becomes the new standard, they will have achieved an official repudiation of the understanding of virtually all civilization to date, including the great religions.  They will have been “proven right,” shown to be “more enlightened,” than all recorded history.

Who will stop them?  The American voters might, though they are more hemmed in every year by court rulings creating new “rights” beyond the reach of regular legislation.

If they don’t, reality itself, after exacting a heavy cost, will eventually come crashing in.  Just take a look back at the Jacobins and Communists.

[This column was first published in July 2004.]


Tom Ashcraft, a Charlotte native, is  a lawyer and former Reagan-appointed U.S. Attorney .  Write him at  Special to ©2010 Tom Ashcraft. Used by permission.

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