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No Debate: It’s Time To Fire The Democrats


Thanks to excellent coverage from PunditHouse on the pressing need for county commission debates, along with this scolding editorial from the Observer, Commissioners Chairman Jennifer Roberts and her Democrat colleagues changed their minds and agreed to debate Republican county commission candidates during a forum hosted by Speak Out Charlotte.

You can hardly blame Jennifer and the other Democrats for their reluctance to debate the issues involved in this election year. Ms. Roberts has been the prime mover for the spending programs that have caused Mecklenburg County’s financial crisis. You can pop over to these guys to understand the financial crunch better. In the private sector this condition would be called “bankruptcy!” She and the other Democrats have presided over a corrupt county administration and county manager with numerous instances of cronyism, deceit, and waste of taxpayer funds. They have provided cover for the county manager, while refusing to thoroughly investigate the revelations of missing funds and misappropriation of funds.

Ms. Roberts and the Democrats should be forced to answer questions about the upcoming property revaluations and the tax increases that are sure to come, unless there are huge cuts in spending. Keep in mind that Ms. Roberts and her big-spending Democrats are responsible for the county’s bankrupt condition, resulting from poor planning, increased debt and increased spending on vote-buying welfare programs, without which they most likely could never win an election. It would be naïve for the taxpayers to believe that the Democrats would ever cut these programs.  Combine this with the almost certain possibility that county revenues will decrease and their previous voting records, and you can bet that their re-election will mean huge tax increases, especially for anyone owning property.

If you’re a taxpayer in Mecklenburg County, you must give the Republican candidates a chance to reduce spending, reduce the size of government, and set a tax rate that, at the very worst, will not increase property taxes on the over-burdened citizens of Mecklenburg County. Republicans are also promising to have an independent audit of all county departments; only then will we know the extent of the current corruption and waste.

Folks, this November election is a watershed event for Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. The Democrats have bankrupted our county. There is no easy way out, but our only chance locally, state-wide and nationally is to defeat these people whose policies have grown government to an unaffordable status, have robbed the taxpayers, and have in place bloated programs that are unsustainable without huge tax increases.

There was a big story in the Observer recently about the need for Charlotte to re-invent itself, which is just another way of saying that Charlotte needs to revive itself. This will not happen until we defeat the Democrats, both city and county, who are beholden to the selfish uptown crowd that has spent billions of your tax dollars on their uptown playground. The only way Charlotte will rise again is through economic growth and the hard work of our citizens. To make this happen jobs must be created and the only way government can help is by reducing the burden of government, reducing taxes, reduce spending, and reducing the size of government and the myriad red tape and regulations that strangle business growth.

Don’t listen to the chamber of commerce, the uptown crowd and the many flag-waving local prognosticators. Things can get worse! More taxes, more spending and more government growth – the mantra of the Democrats – will only exacerbate the current economic woes.

Fire Jennifer Roberts and the Democrats in November!

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