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[From the Editor]

I had the opportunity yesterday to sit down with Loren Spivack, the Free Market Warrior, for a discussion on his recently released book “The New Democrat: The Parody for the Tea Party Movement”; a hilarious look at the first two years of the Obama Presidency told through the guise of a famed Dr. Seuss book.

In Loren’s words, the following is the story of the book:

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“The original idea came from a friend who said, “Loren, you’re good at poetry. You should rewrite “Green Eggs and Ham” to be about President Obama. Something like “I do not like Barack Hussein…” I thought about this for a few minutes and said that the Seuss book that really parallels the Obama administration is “The Cat in the Hat”. Obama not only looks like the cat, the personality perfectly matches. The original cat, just like Obama, is absurdly self-confident and convinced that his ideas are always good even when they cause nothing but destruction. (I worked hard to maintain this parallel. You will notice that only Obama remains confident until the end while the other “Dems” start to waffle.)

It took no time at all to see that “Things One and Two” from the original should be Reid and Pelosi. What to do with the “fish” that warns everybody about the dangers inherent in the cat’s ideas? At first I was going to make it Rush Limbaugh largely because “Rush” and “Fish” are so similar. I finally decided that despite Rush’s very high profile, THE critic of the Obama administration has been Glenn Beck.

You’ll notice that we’ve replaced the original children with Franklin Roosevelt and Dr. Seuss himself. In this way we’ve reflected the story back on its author. Dr. Seuss was a huge liberal (and FDR supporter). We’re using this fact to confront him (as it were) with the implications of ideas he supported (and frequently planted in his books) over the course of the late 20th Century.

So we took these characters on a tour of the last two years from the ’08 election and the last days of the Bush Presidency up to the day of the 2010 congressional elections. We revisit everything from the bailouts, to the takeover of the auto industry, to Obama’s winning the Nobel Prize, to Cap and Trade and the Healthcare bill, etc. There’s really very little that’s happened that we haven’t touched on one way or another.

Finally I decided to fill the artwork with site gags. I wanted to make a book that people would read over and over and that they would find more humor each time. So there are little funny things in the background on almost every page. In the beginning you’ll notice that the newspaper headline says “Sarah Palin and Some Old Guy Lose!” There is also a lot of visual humor around the garbage and debris that piles up in the Oval Office as a result of Obama destroying the American economy. So in addition to debris from the health care and auto industries, we see a Kenyan birth Certificate floating around, as well as Timothy Geitner’s tax return and extra Al Franken votes.

We’ve tried to make this both very funny and also a poignant depiction of the crossroads in history that we’ve reached. It’s a very grown up book disguised as a kid’s book. And yet, at the same time, I can see parents using it to teach their children about some of these issues. It also, by the way, makes a great gift. I’ve noticed that about half the orders we’ve had are for more than one book. Several people have ordered five or more copies. That’s extremely rare for books. I think a lot of people are seeing this as the solution to all their holiday shopping!”

Copies of the book can be purchased HERE.

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