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Rightfully so, we are feeling really good about ourselves today as Republicans have taken power away from Liberals all across America. For the first time in over a century, Republicans in North Carolina own a majority in the NC House and Senate. Things like Voter ID and redistricting are coming – and we should be thankful for that!

However, and not to be a party pooper, but the reality is people in North Carolina and America did not vote for any Republican platform or ideas yesterday. Republicans did not run on a platform of solutions. People voted against Democrats and against Liberalism. That’s an important distinction to remember as we move forward. We’ve not been given a mandate for anything we have done over the last decade, or anything we propose to do over the next decade.

Americans have seen radical leftist Socialism – they peered over that cliff and turned and ran like hell away from it, not necessarily towards anything else.

The really hard work begins today, and the proof for Republicans, as they say, is going to be in the pudding. In the NC House, do our representatives elect as their leader someone who will outline a forward-looking, solutions-based vision to fix our state? Or, do Republicans play politics as usual and make their leader someone who plays the political favor/monetary game?

In Washington, do Republicans make good on their promises to slash spending and cut taxes, or are they nothing but political opportunists who used our outrage to regain power and the feeling of entitlement that all too often accompanies the acquisition of power?

If Republicans simply go back to the old politics as usual that we’ve seen from them over the last decade, we’ll see politics as usual return. Republicans won’t act like REAL Republicans – they’ll just do the same things they did from 2000-2006 and cut a tax here or there and keep on with the massive growth of government. And don’t think for a second that is not a very real possibility, because it most certainly could happen.

We got sent a very clear message from the country yesterday. Independents fled Obama, Pelosi and the Democrats. And, yet again, those same Independents swung elections – this time to Republicans. But make no mistake, Independents, for all their purported wishy-washiness (as seen by Republicans), are very clear in what they stand for and are demanding. Independents want elected leaders to lead first and foremost in a fiscally responsible way. And, they want Republicans to finally stand up and frame debates in a common sense, solutions-focused manner.

The question that still needs to be answered is, have those Republicans elected yesterday, and the county, state and national GOP organizations, been listening?

Time will certainly tell … and November 2012 is closer than we all realize.

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