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Kumbaya Politics And Power


Just as you might expect, there is a cry from Democrats, news media and other liberals for the appointment of a redistricting commission for the state of North Carolina. After more than 100 years of Democrat abuse of the redistricting process, abuse that has been a major factor helping the Democrats maintain a lock-down on our state, they now want to change the rules! An independent redistricting commission may be an idea worth considering, after Republicans, now in power, have a chance to redistrict our state in 2011 and re-write the rules that Democrats have corrupted over the last 100 years.

As for the pleadings from the local uptown paper, I may take them seriously when I see their editorial calling on our Democrat-controlled city council and county commission to appoint an independent redistricting committee for both the city and the county. As it stands right now, due to Democrat gerrymandering, it is virtually impossible for Republicans to win control of either the city or the county.

Remember this: Democrats never believe in bipartisanship until they’re out of power; and when they are in power, they will do anything they can get away with to stay in power. A good example is the election of judges. For years, judges ran for office in partisan elections, identifying themselves as either a Republican or Democrat. As the crime in our state became a bigger and bigger problem, more and more voters began voting for Republican judges. Why? Most people know that conservatives are tougher on crime than liberals, and their desire for a safe environment drove them to vote for Republican judges. The result was Republican judges winning all across the state. In fact, both our state appellate court and state Supreme Court had Republican majorities, including the chief justice. So what was the response from the Democrat-controlled state government, the folks who now believe in bipartisanship, working together and political diversity? They quickly voted to change the rules, writing new laws that make election of judges non-partisan! Now most voters don’t have a clue about the philosophy of those running for judges in our state.

Believe me, the Democrats, who now are a minority in our state house and senate, will do everything in their power to prevent the Republican majority from reducing spending, lowering taxes and exercising the power given them in this past election – all the while calling for bipartisanship, political diversity and kumbaya.

Keep this in mind: bipartisan committees/commissions have a dismal record of accomplishment. I give you two examples:  the Privatization Committee appointed by Mayor Vinroot and the Immigration Committee appointed by Mayor McCrory. Both were bipartisan, representing Democrats and Republicans, with folks for and against more privatization and more control of illegal immigration. Both were failures.

Republicans have been given a mandate to correct more than 100 years of Democrat corruption. Forget bipartisanship; forget the next election. Implement conservative ideals and principles that will free North Carolina from Democrat policies that have brought us to the brink of bankruptcy.

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