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Obama 2012: Will The Truth Get Out This Time?


President Obama, this week, began his 2012 reelection campaign in earnest with stops across the country to reinvigorate his base and to raise war chest funds for the months ahead.  In stops from Annandale, Virginia to San Francisco, California, the President tuned up the delivery and the message that served him so well in 2008.  Turn on the “reverb” and get the teleprompter out…it’s time to get the band back together again. 

Mainstream media outlets across the country were quick to fall in line with the administration’s efforts to have the President’s propaganda spewed to the public with little fact check and with little comment on how the President’s actions in policy implementation matched his speeches. 

WBT Morning News 1110am played Howard Arenstein’s(CBS) report of the President’s speech to students in Annandale, Virginia where Mr. Obama asked the rich “to  pay just  a little bit more” in taxes to help close the deficit.  Conveniently left out of the President’s comments and not challenged by Mr. Arenstein or by the staff at WBT were the facts of our individual income tax system which is highly progressive or regressive, depending on your point of view, where the wealthy pay far and away the great percentage of taxes already and where, due to changes in the tax code, roughly 46% of Americans pay no federal income taxes.  The National Taxpayer’s Union web site( reports that for the 2008 tax year, the top 10% of income earners in America paid a whopping 70% of federal taxes paid.  Isn’t it strange how Mr. Obama, and his propaganda media minions conveniently forgot to tell the Annandale crowd and the American public these startling facts. 

All of this is reminiscent of the 2008 Presidential campaign that saw many of us sounding the alarm that we did not know anything about this “most liberal Senator” from Illinois who was running for President.  We found out too late that Mr. Obama was trained by Saul Alinsky’s followers in subverting the government by “boring from within” to achieve their supposed socialist ideals.  Mr. Obama brought Saul Alinsky training and experience as a “community organizer” that along with a mainstream media running cover provided enough misinformation to win the White House. 

Things are different in the Spring of 2010.  Conservatives have organized themselves through the use of Facebook, Twitter, email, and other communication avenues to rally Americans to the defense of the ideals of individual and economic freedom.  During the past 2 years, millions have rallied in venues all across the country, including Washington, D.C., to say “not no, but hell no” to the socialists in the administration and in Congress.  In the interim election, Americans sent a loud and clear message that they would stand and defend America and in doing so flipped the House of Representatives, gained Senate seats, and perhaps more importantly, flipped many state legislatures across the country who are responsible for redistricting.  So the election of a true Alinsky radical socialist as President has, you guessed it, caused the biggest national community organizing effort, perhaps, since the Revolution. 

And one of the most critical differences between the elections of 2012 and 2008 will be getting the truth out about policy.  No longer can Mr. Obama simply make his straw man claims and go unchallenged in the conservative media and on Facebook and other social media sites.  As he did during the recent campaign swing, he can no longer make statements like “we can’t continue to spend like deficits don’t matter” without having the fact that his budgets have created the greatest debt crisis in our country thrown right back in his face.  He can no longer make the claims that his stimulus spending will create jobs and get the economy back on track when with trillions more in government spending the economy continued to shed hundreds of thousands of jobs, due to the fact that government spending doesn’t create true economic growth, as that requires productivity gains and increases in the labor force and due to the fact that every dollar spent by the government must first be taxed or borrowed out of the private sector and hence is a break even transaction.   He can no longer claim that his budget that grows the national debt by trillions of dollars, which is in an effort to destroy the American economy, is financially prudent when Wall Street, China, and his own debt commission are recommending much lower government spending.  And perhaps most telling for our Socialist chief executive is the fact that no country which has embraced his socialist, redistribution of wealth ideals has ever come close to the economic productivity of a free and capitalistic United States.  Big government means deplorable economic growth.

So I think 2012 will be different for Mr. Obama.  Oprah will try her magic of association again…the mainstream media will not challenge Mr. Obama on the facts as they did in the past…but the new “organized community” will have the facts and will let their followers know the truth.  We know the facts, even if Mr. Obama continues his tactic of lies and misinformation.

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