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The Federal Government’s Bipartisan Spending Spree


For years I have been listening to talking heads discuss the best interests of America through the lens of the federal government. I have even tried to give them the benefit of the doubt by remaining open-minded for arguments sake. But the truth of the matter is politicians in Washington have driven our nation’s debt up so high that most Americans now realize we are on a collision course with destiny. The United States is becoming more than a mere nodus scenario; it is becoming a model for which not to follow.

The media has yet to figure out why so many Americans are now beyond concerned about our nation’s future. While it is true the recent spending cuts package will have a small impact in nature, it is nowhere near the level needed to get America back on course. Most of the legislation passed by Congress was mere political posturing and window dressing.

Imagine that?

And while the media elites sit on their pedestals of greed, the rest of us sift through the pile of White House talking points and bumper sticker slogans to find factual evidence in order to support our claim of America’s decline. Sadly, the evidence backing up America’s peril is unfortunately overwhelming.

Think about how much the federal government has grown since 2001, especially in terms of spending. Billions of dollars a year is spent on social programs that leave Americans no better off than when they began. In fact, the more government programs grow the higher poverty, inflation, cost of living and oil rises. Yet when real questions are probed, political leaders in Washington throw their hands in the air with no real solutions.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle give the same look the little kid gives when he gets caught lifting the candy bar from the grocery store.

A recent Gallup poll revealed national debt running third behind unemployment and the economy among most important voter concerns. What do all three of those pressing issues have in common? All three amount to a massive fiscal crisis in the form of money, jobs and financial security.

Right now America is failing all three categories.

And even though small business owners, along with working class families, continue to take the brunt of the economic collapse, Washington continues to crank up spending. In fact the federal government is set to hit the debt limit maximum around May 16th. As both political parties argue whether or not to raise the debt ceiling, the outcome could send the federal government into default that makes our credit virtually worthless around the world.

Is this is a good thing or a bad thing?

This White House particularly believes that not raising the debt ceiling would be “catastrophic” as some have put it. President Obama and his team of pseudo- economists believe that because Americans continue to dine in fancy restaurants and buy expensive trinkets the economy is improving. In reality those factors are continually removed and offset by the growing population that spends more than they bring in on critical items such as food, gasoline and other means of vital consumer spending.

In other words, cost of living goes up while paychecks and salaries go backwards.

Speaking of political parties, it must be noted that the previous Democratic-controlled Congress failed to pass an adequate budget in the last session which resulted in the fiscal battle America is currently engaged in. Regardless if Democrats in Washington have found their “come-to-Jesus” moment, they built the majority of this nation’s current debt so they must answer for it.

On the flipside you have the Republican Party locked in a continual battle between constitutional Tea Party advocates and big-government establishment elites.

Is it just me, or is it beginning to look like America is being run by a large group of politically driven mentally ill patients?


Ashley Stinnett lives in the heart of Appalachia, where he serves as an adjunct college instructor, writer, media and public relations consultant, public speaker, conservative commentator, author and journalist. He is a nationally syndicated columnist writing regularly for The Daily Caller. His work has been featured in newspapers and online publications all across America. He is the author of the new book, “Grasping Appalachian Conservatism: How Not To Be Mistaken For A Latte Liberal.”

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