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Declaration of Dependence


Uncle Sam wants you….. to be out of a job.

In an appalling show of both sheer arrogance and contempt for the American people, or simply blatant hypocrisy pertaining to genuine societal justice, the White House along with mainstream media outlets across America have declared that, “high unemployment is the new norm”. So in other words, they were wrong about Barack Obama and his lack of experience with money management not being an issue, but will never admit it, so get used to not having any good jobs anymore in the U.S. of A.

Sorry but that just doesn’t cut it.

The Democrat Party along with the corrupt media cannot have it both ways. They cannot tell the American people that the stimulus package didn’t work and high unemployment should be looked at as almost a new fad, meanwhile please keep us in charge because we are working hard on creating a great economy.

The main mantra of the Democrat’s platform has been to continually wage class-warfare in which America is viewed as two countries consisting of rich and poor where the Democrats are saviors of man-kind while the evil rich fat-cat Republicans are dead set on destroying life as we know it.  Of course Barack Obama’s biggest single donors were Hollywood millionaires and Wall Street tycoons, but who’s keeping track.

Remember during the 1990’s when the so-called era of big-government was supposedly dead? Who would have thought that beginning in 2009 the era of big-government and entitlement dependency re-emerged, only on steroids?

Looking back over the last two and a half years one has to wonder if things have really gotten any better.

Most of us will recall the frenzy that occurred when unemployment rose to just fewer than 6 percent under the last year of former President Bush. Gas prices skyrocketed during the summer of 2008 reaching as high as $4.11 a gallon in some parts of the U.S and talks of a financial meltdown was common on Wall-Street and Main Street. However by winter of 2008 gasoline price had fallen to under $2.00 and in January 2009 the cost of regular unleaded gas was around $1.83 compared to nearly $4.00 today.

During the latter part of 2008, unemployment rose to around 7 percent going into 2009. Today it is sadly hovering between 9.5 and 10.1 percent. This after economists injected hundreds of millions of dollars in the form of stimulus money into our nation’s financial markets. All the while, beginning in 2009, median family incomes fell while job creation has been at Depression-era levels since.

Not to mention unemployment among minorities has tripled.

In every facet of U.S. cities poverty and those relying on food stamps is at unprecedented levels while the number of Americans depending on a check from the government has never been higher in our nation’s history.

And at the end of the day the elites who got us into this mess are now saying to America that the new normal is a dying dollar currency, big-government handouts to those who refuse to work, government takeover of industries and a serfdom to all those who bow to the proletariat class in Washington.

The hypocrisy of it all is Mr. Obama continues to ask for donations from Wall Street who he claims is the evil of all evils that helped birth the car in the ditch analogy. Gee, could it be that the more government intervenes with the economy the worse off Americans become?

Maybe the DNC should counter the Tea Party’s “Contract from America” with its new version titled, “The Declaration of Dependence” which could coincide with their ages old playbook of divide and hyphenate Americans everywhere.

Because if the goal of the current political class is to create a nation in which 60 percent of its residents pay no taxes while the other 40 percent foot the bill then we won’t have to worry about future elections because we will have become the new Roman Empire.

And history is pretty clear on what happened to them.

Ashley Stinnett is an author, public speaker, columnist and conservative commentator. He is the author of the book, “Grasping Appalachian Conservatism: How Not To Be Mistaken For A Latte Liberal”. Visit his blog.

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