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EPA Continues Illegal War On Coal


Last year the Kentucky Coal Association filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration’s Environmental Protection Agency and its administrator, Lisa Jackson, in an effort to stop that agency’s War on Coal.

Kentucky Coal Association President Bill Bissett heavily criticized the administration in a press release by declaring that the EPA has been acting without consideration of the law and only on pure ideology. The fact that West Virginia and Kentucky have seen more coal jobs lost due to mine closings, layoffs, and permit denials than any other state since Barack Obama took office is a travesty in itself.

“So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; it’s just that it will bankrupt them because they’re going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted,” the president said during a 2008 interview.

Remember Mr. Obama promised a pro-green “initiative” when he ran for the nation’s highest office. Since Republicans have continually killed any chances of a genuine cap-and-trade bill, Obama looked towards his favorite tool of rule: the power of the executive order.

You see, when Mr. Obama fails to have things his way he bypasses the legislative process by signing an executive order to move forward his agenda. Early during the first year of the Obama administration, Obama began stocking the EPA full of radical, far-left ideological cronies who detest the mining industry.

In 2007 I began covering coal and agriculture issues. I did this because the media very rarely does. In fact much of the so-called mainstream media pseudo sophisticates label the Appalachian region “flyover” country, therefore any news stories of significance coming out of this part of the country is pushed to page 12. And since mainstream media outlets have become corrupted by the special interests they serve, relying on radical financiers like George Soros; social media and blogging has become a journalist tool not just for conservative advocacy, but also for industries overlooked – much like the ones I have been keeping a close watch on.

This new media movement is being utilized in order to push back against the extreme environmental agenda and its supporters in more traditional media outlets. CBS, NBC, ABC and the all of the usual suspects seem dead set to not focus on the EPA’s radical destruction of the coal industry, instead focusing on when mining disasters happen. When the media does any reporting of the coal industry outside of a disaster it almost certainly is disingenuous in nature.

Where was the mass media recently, when a new report surfaced from US News and World Report citing new EPA regulations that will end hundreds of thousands of jobs, raise electric rates by 23 percent, and result in the closure of power plants?

Liberals love to care about poverty but conveniently ignore when poverty rates skyrocket in areas like West Virginia and Kentucky, as a direct result of liberal policies.

This is why groupthink social-engineering is dangerous for a free society. The media and the left cannot provide a logical explanation as to the necessity of shutting down an entire energy industry so they tag feel good slogans to their agenda in an attempt to dumb-down the masses. But aren’t liberals the ones who supposedly care about the “average guy”?

Yes, that was a joke.

Clearly the far-left’s hypocrisy has a tendency to rear its ugly head in times of crisis. Especially when utility companies now claim they will have to raise rates as much as 60 percent over the coming years in order to offset EPA regulations.

Politicos and scientists have not come up with a fast track towards alternative energy in the near future; therefore, coal will continue to be the backbone of energy for the United States. Alternative energy resources are a long way off in terms of powering the entire nation. Not to mention the ever-growing divisions among scientists who either believe global warming to be the gospel, or simply find the theory appallingly false.

The far-left in America could quite frankly care less about the health of our nation’s environment. They obsess over power that requires abhorrence towards capitalism, a system that coal thrives from.

And they won’t stop until the entire coal industry is bankrupt, one way or another.


Ashley Stinnett is an author, public speaker, columnist, and conservative commentator.

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