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Who Sold You Down the River?


I think often about the predicament our country is in, and every now and then I feel a fury rising inside of me.

This week’s “Debt Ceiling Deal” was a betrayal of the American people on many levels.

Do you remember when the Grand Old Party took control of the House just a few short months ago?  One of the first bills they passed required a bill to be posted online for 3 full days before it could be voted on.

Congress broke its own “three-day rule” and had a floor vote on the hastily thrown-together bill the day after it was introduced.  But that is the least of it.

Never shy to spend our money, the government blew nearly 60% of the immediate debt ceiling increase in just one day after final passage.  But that is not the worst of it.

They created a “Super Congress” appointed by Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, Harry Reid, and Mitch McConnell–all bitterly opposed to everything you and I have been trying to do–to ram future taxing and spending through the Congress.

In a shocking procedural end-run around the Constitution, the U.S. Congress will not be permitted to filibuster, amend, or debate proposals from this “Super Congress.”  But even that is not the worst of it.

The politicians gave themselves a larger line of credit, and the stock market, seeing right through the “solution,” went sailing downhill, the Dow losing a whopping 500 points the very next day.

But, believe it or not, that is not the worst of it.

This deal adds 7 trillion dollars to the debt, with a budget that will NEVER balance.

What does this “deal” sound like to you?

They’ve heaped mountains of debt on our children, ignored the will of the people, violated their oaths of office–this might be the worst single aspect of this massive taxpayer heist.

They sold you down the river.

What infuriates me more than anything else is that Republicans who overwhelmingly supported this deal are now going to go back to their districts and lie to their constituents.

They are going to claim that they “cut” spending.

Congress was slated to increase spending every year until the economy reached the breaking point.  The only “cut” in this arrangement is a slightly lesser increase in future spending that continues to escalate and NEVER balances.

The establishment’s talking heads call this a “victory for the Tea Party,” but don’t let them take you for a fool.

If Tea Party members count this as a success, they are one step away from undermining all the work they’ve done over the past few years.

The Boehner deal was nothing more than a bauble to placate the Tea Party movement into believing that the Republican Party is “doing its gosh-darn best” to turn things around if only those gosh-darn Democrats didn’t have a majority in the Senate.

They are flat-out lying to you.

Accepting the lesser of two evils, or the lesser of two unbalanced budgets, is what got us into this nightmare in the first place.

Republicans claimed to have taken our concerns to heart in November, but this deal proves they learned absolutely, positively nothing.

It’s one thing when a liberal tax-and-spend politician votes for a liberal tax-and-spend bill.  It’s quite another when a politician tells you they are fiscally conservative, then lies to your face and sells you down the river.

Yet that is exactly what 70% of the Republicans in Washington just did.

And it’s time that they feel the heat at least as much as you and I fear for our children’s futures and our ability to feed our families.

So, who sold you and your family down the river?

Here’s our great State’s Republican Hall of Shame, who voted to bury our families in debt:

Senator Richard Burr (R): 202-224-3154
Renee Ellmers (R—2nd): 202-225-4531
Virginia Foxx (R—5th): 202-225-2071
Howard Coble (R—6th): 202-225-3065
Sue Myrick (R—9th): 202-225-1976
Patrick McHenry (R—10th): 202-225-2576

The Democrats were split because many of them were holding out for even MORE taxes and spending, so it goes without saying where their interests lie.

But where Republicans voted for this debacle, then it is up to us to expose them:

  1. Call them and let them know how you feel about their vote.  Tell them you know that they lied to you and they sold you and your family down the river and handed the statists exactly what they wanted on a silver platter.
  2. Ask your local GOP and Tea Party organizations to pass resolutions condemning the debt deal, and any future debt increases.
  3. Write letters to the editor of your local paper, decrying the deal and exposing your legislator for his liberal tax and spend ways.
  4. Those who sold us out will be hosting Town Halls from now until Labor Day in-District.  Call their office and ask for a schedule, and watch for announcements in your local paper.  Take your friends and family with you and make your voices heard loud and clear.
  5. Forward this email to your contacts, and ask them to do the same.

Don’t allow your legislators the pleasure of “explaining” away their traitorous votes.

We are done listening to their lies.

In Liberty,

Adam Love
Interim State Coordinator
North Carolina Campaign for Liberty

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