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Greed, Power and The Political Class


To say the federal government is growing out of control is simply an understatement. The fact is no other presidential administration in America’s history has racked up more debt than the current spender-in-chief. Even George W. Bush’s spending was “limited” to just over $1 billion a day, as compared to Barack Obama’s current and egregiously offensive $4 billion. If Republicans want to stand a chance against Mr. O in next year’s election they had better start preaching individualism versus entitlement because the bottom line is America is out of money.

The left-wing ruling class in America, otherwise known as the Democratic Party, has given the GOP enough ammunition to make a winning case for the next decade’s worth of election cycles. However, it is up to the Republican Party, which has a habit for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, to win outright.

These treasures that Barack Obama has graciously provided to any one of the potential GOP nominees are invaluable because they coalesce the popular opinion that very little good has been gained since the messiah’s landing in 2009.

However, a warning is in place to those who think Mr. Obama’s vulnerability represents an easy road to the White House. The president is an excellent campaigner. Some would argue the man has never left the campaign trail since winning three years ago. Couple his charisma with a drooling media, and whoever the Republican nominee is will not have an easy ride no matter how high unemployment and deficit spending climbs.

The Republican Party needs to craft a message around small government and individualism. They must make the case that raising taxes in a depression is wrong because it will destroy working families, businesses, and all other members of the socioeconomic landscape. They must frame their message in a sense that concludes Barack Obama and allied liberals want to bankrupt America because of a deep-seated disdain for individual success. Take a look around and you will find people from all income classes commiserating with each other over our debt crisis; because this is a crisis that is not reserved for a few.

A clear and detailed message of economic conservatism will unite America in 2012. The only roadblock in the way is a little word that many in Washington simply despise and are quite frankly afraid to utter. The word is “truth.”

I remember when Senator John McCain was running in 2008. I have always admired Mr. McCain for his courageous heroism during a time of war. I also believe him to be a caring family man. However, he was deeply terrified to speak truths because he is a political appeaser. During the 2008 election, Senator McCain tried desperately to be a watered-down Barack Obama because he was frightened of the truth until it was too late. Why? Mr. McCain refused to listen to ordinary people.

That is what happens when Washington takes over the mind. Individuals become poisoned by the greed and power. They have a chip on their shoulder that has no bounds. They believe they know what is best for “the ordinary folk.” They harbor this arrogant egotistical swagger of an elitist mentality because it is all they relate to. Mr. Obama is no different than the rest of this aristocratic crop, but he is a good pretender.

That is why millions of Americans came together in 2009 to unite as a Tea Party movement. Individuals from all walks of life recognized the very real fact that our nation’s government is driving us into bankruptcy.

Perhaps what is most alarming is how our political class operates. When it comes to the issue of wanting to move away from debt into prosperity, it is almost as if a mental disorder is running rampant among the establishment elites. They absolutely refuse to listen to honest debate. The worst part is a lot of politicians in Washington are smart. They have Harvard degrees, are doctors and lawyers, small business owners, entrepreneurs etc. But the one trait, perhaps the most valuable, many refuse to add to their resume, is commonsense.

When did American politics become a game of lies and deceit? What is it about the waters of the Potomac and the sacred halls of Congress that can take an ordinary working-class individual and corrupt them beyond reasonable comprehension? When did greed and power replace honesty and servant leadership?

We may never know the exact date when this all began to spiral out-of-control, but we are a nation of problem solvers.

That is what we do and we will continue to do. That is what makes us the greatest nation on the planet. And right now our nation’s citizens are begging for a fresh start.

Ordinary citizens understand the peril we face as a country. We do not face problems from the left and right, but together, because at the end of the day we either stand as one or fail as all.

The case must be made that America will not resemble a socialist empire destined for financial collapse but remain a capitalist nation that welcomes ingenuity and innovation. Right now America may be economically and mentally depressed. Our optimism may be in bankruptcy along with our bank accounts.

But our hearts will carry us forward. And we will win because that’s what we do.

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