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Gorman Throws CMS Under The Big Yellow Bus


Recall the super-sized set of pompoms Peter Gorman routinely waved for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools when he was the district’s golden boy?

Seems his tune has changed since stepping down from the helm. WBT’s Jeff Sonier digs up audio of Gorman speaking at a recent education forum, where he blasted his former bosses (that’d be the school board, although it was usually hard to tell), dissed CMS teachers, and thoroughly excoriated CMS’s after-school programming.

Sonier starts with a clip from the archives, with Gorman singing praises for the quality and caliber of CMS staff: “The vast, vast majority of our folks are doing an outstanding job every day.”

Fast forward to after Gorman jumped ship and you get this:

“We actually showed that the worst after-school program you could be involved with in Charlotte was the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools’ after-school program. The quality was just so poor.”

And that wonderful school board that Gorman routinely praised for its collective wisdom and incredible vision? Nothing but witless buffoons living in an Ivory Tower vacuum, it turns out:

“In many cases, there’s a huge disconnect, obviously, with what goes on in a school board meeting and what goes on in the schools.”

“I often viewed that my job was to protect our staff from the craziness that occurred in a board meeting.”

It’s hard to disagree with much of what Gorman says on the captured audio; and it’s an absolute shame that he didn’t have the cojones to put down his platinum-plated pompoms and say it earlier.

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