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My Real Life Involvement With Labor Unions


I hope that reading this will give you some insight on what is about to happen to North Carolina:

I began to blog in an effort to bring to light the crookedness and deception involved in the distribution of work for the DNC 2012 in Charlotte, NC.  Our “Obama-lite” mayor, Anthony Foxx, had publicly told the City of Charlotte that hosting the DNC in our town would be an economic boon and would bring lots of work and money to our suffering economy. Charlotte as a City pitched in to the idea and we were awarded the Convention at the price tag of almost $37 million dollars. We had to build and repair a good amount of infastructure, ready the city, and put on our best gown, as we prepared to wow the world and make Charlotte a household name.

Sadly, the price tag of allowing the DNC to come into our city, was much higher than the $37 million dollars. The true reason that the democrats choose Charlotte, was to slowly build strength with their political allies, and create an avenue for labor unions to plant the seeds of corruption in our state. There is no other reason, outside the fact that the Democrats needed to win this states electoral votes and keep North Carolina – Blue. The amount of money needed to insure that happened, could only come from a very large supporter, a group that would invest any amount of time and money needed, to insure that our battleground state would side with their corruption.

The Democrats won North Carolina, with 14,000 votes in the 2008 election. Knowing that their performance in this current term would cause this very thin margin to evaporate, they brought in a wolf and hid it in the sheep’s clothing of promised work and business opportunities. The local people, desperate for a glimmer of hope, while our construction and banking industry fell in ruin, blindly rallied behind the promised expectation the DNC would bring.

As a city, we never questioned the Master Contract. We stood like blind sheep as our mayor signed the agreement on our behalf, and allowed clauses like this to damn us as a city:


17.1. Use of union labor. To the extent permitted by law, to the extent, if any, such labor is available in the region, and except as otherwise expressly agreed by the DNCC, all services, goods, equipment, supplies and materials to be provided or procured by the Host Committee hereunder shall be performed or supplied by firms covered by current union collective bargaining agreements with the unions which have jurisdiction for the work or services to be performed.

17.2. Labor agreement. The Host Committee agrees that it will, within sixty (60) days of the date of this Agreement, conclude and execute with unions of potential jurisdiction in the Charlotte metropolitan area, an agreement obligating the Host Committee to utilize firms employing or contracting with members of those unions to the maximum extent feasible and obligating the unions to refrain from supporting, participating in or sanctioning any strike, sympathy strike, walkout, work stoppage or other labor action that would interfere with or delay work necessary to put on the Convention, or engage in handbilling or picketing (including, but not limited to, informational picketing) at the Convention Facilities.

The local media tried to warn us. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, our LIBERAL media, was not shy about telling us that we were being blindly led to the execution chamber, but the truth never sunk in. News 14 Carolina reported the following:

City officials told News 14 Carolina that they spent about three months adjusting the contract details to match exactly what the DNC wanted and what Charlotte had to offer.

Among the obligations, the host committee is required in writing to raise more than $36.5 million in private funds for the convention. The committee must also recruit at least 500 volunteers leading up to the convention and at least 7,000 volunteers during the convention itself including up to 200 drivers.

The host committee must also establish a labor agreement within the next two months and organizers to hire union labor for tasks related to providing, services goods and materials.

What that means to us as a city is this: We left ourselves wide open. WIDE OPEN TO THE MARCH OF THE UNION TAKEOVER. The DNCC demands union labor to work the convention and, as well, for Charlotte to use already unionized firms that already have contracts with unions. Now, since North Carolina is the least unionized state in the nation with about 3.2% membership, the jobs will be shipped to union states, so the DNC can insure the convention is not affected by strikes or work stoppage.

Now, many people may think this is my way of sulking because I didn’t get any of the DNC work. I have always said this is about our City. Our local businesses, our local laws, and State Constitution. I would be happy to see any local business profit from this. This is not about me – this is about our City and State.

So why do I see such an issue with what is about to happen to North Carolina? Here is my real life story about union corruption: 

It was 1992. I was a commercial masonry contractor, working in Toronto Ontario, Canada.

My father had owned and run a very successful masonry business, since the early 70’s and had experienced his share of issues with the Local 8 Bricklayers Union of Allied Craftsmen. A crib note version on why my dad closed shop, and moved to the US is below. Unwilling to have unions “run” his business, he picked up and came to North Carolina. One of the last bastions of hope against the unions.

As you read this, think about the situation with Boeing. Think about the bullying and the political ramifications involved. I am not comparing my fathers company to the mighty Boeing in any way – except the example of the outcome. Boeing made a decision to open a non-union shop in SC. A business decision, to help them broaden their profits, and continue to provide work for their employees. Unions used their political power and have prevailed against capitalism.

The unions, backed by the power of the liberal government of Canada, (sound similar?) placed their sights on my father. They used high power bullying, threatened lawsuits and scared his employees. One of his top foremen, refused to take a stand against the unions, in fear of “someone showing up at his door with a baseball bat.” This employee had worked with my dad, for well over a decade. He and his family actually went on many family trips with us, and were treated like the close personal friends that they were.

Unions changed that dynamic. This employee, afraid for his personal safety, would not stand against the labor unions, and help my father keep the employees union free.

Now I know that wages will come into peoples mind. My father paid the prevailing wage, and did NOT try to save money on wages. His bricklayers were making the same hourly wage as the union bricklayers. The only difference was they were able to work all the time, even when the local unions were striking, his employees were still able to work.

The employees were afraid for their personal safety. That was the ONLY reason they refused to stand for my father.

So, there I was, working as a non-union masonry contractor. My family had just been ripped apart by the power of the unions, but I knew I had no personal fight with them, so I stayed in Canada. I didn’t have any of my dads equipment, funds, or resources. You see, if the unions could prove “association” on my part, with a union company, they could unionize me. Any employees I hired, were hired from the unemployment line. The equipment was purchased from different sources not connected with my father. I insured I was 100% clear of his union issues.

One morning, at about 6:30, I was climbing a scaffolding. From behind me, someone grabs (actually put his hands on the seat of my pants) me and pulls me from the ladder. Shocked, I ask the man who he was. The man, Danny Butozoni, informed me he was with the Local 8, Bricklayers Union. I ignored Danny, and began up the scaffold again. After he pulled me down for the third time, I actually had to threaten him, to get him to leave. He stated that he was there to ‘unionize my company’ He claimed he had “proof of association” with my father.

I largely ignored the union claims. I knew I was clear from association.

I continued to work until the day a letter came certified mail. The letter, from the International Bricklayers Union, stated that they were going to unionize me on association. Stunned, I continued to read their claim. The association they were claiming was solely based on the fact that my last name – was the same as my fathers. They claimed I was able to bid and get work, because my last name was Monteith.

Backed by the liberal, socialistic government, they had their case and the power to go to court and try to enforce their claim.

Being a newly established small business, I did not have the resources to fight the unions. I contacted an immigration attorney, and moved to North Carolina. The safest and strongest non-union state in the country.

Fast forward to 2010. The liberal socialistic government in the US, has begun their march into our State. Forcing unionization if you want get some of the promised work.

I fear for not only North Carolina. I fear for the country. We are slowly allowing the building of a powerful group of thugs that is backed by our Marxist leaning president. We are being attacked internally.

Mark my words. Labor Unions will destroy this country when given the power they have received from the federal government. For me, driven from Canada by union corruption, was a blessing. I was driven to a country that protected its people from frontal attacks by thugs. Our government allowed the constitutional protections, and didn’t let any group force membership. We were free to make the choice. Free to pick a non-union state. Free and protected by the system. No group or organization could act as a communist-style gestapo.

My friends – things have changed. Our rights are being attacked by our elected officials. What will come of America? Leaving Canada, to come to the USA was a blessing for me. Luckily, I came to the best country in the world. When you have the best, any move would be a downgrade.

We have the option to make a change in 2012. We can vote and make a difference. We can fight for our freedoms. We can stand strong and remind the government that they work for the people. Not labor union groups.

And as a final thought for the day, I can only hope and pray that our government does not continue to drive work out of America. We need to protect this countries businesses. And forcing unionization will only continue to aid in our destruction.

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