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Gaston County Smacks Down Agenda 21


Gaston County commissioners have done something very good for which we should all be thanking them. They recently voted unanimously to adopt a resolution rejecting Agenda 21 and all of the tenets therein – a United Nations doctrine that has been wrecking the sovereignty of the United States for years. The Republican National Committee this month finally decided Agenda 21 has become so damaging to our nation that they adopted a resolution to condemn the doctrine as part of their platform for the 2012 election. This is late in the day, but maybe now America will realize the seriousness of the internal threat Agenda 21 has become.

The Gaston County Board of Commissioners gets it, appropriately describing Agenda 21 as  “a comprehensive plan of extreme environmentalism, social engineering and global political control,” which “is being covertly pushed into local communities throughout the United States of America”; a “plan of radical so-called sustainable development views the American way of life of private property ownership, single family homes, private car ownership and individual travel choices, and privately owned farms; all as destructive to the environment.” The commissioners’ full resolution is available here, starting on page 105.

Agenda 21 has been referred to as a “Conspiracy Theory” in the mainstream media. And there are many Americans who don’t have an understanding of what Agenda 21 is, or why it even matters. The Agenda 21 plan is readily accessible at the UN website for all to read; 40 Chapters of micromanagement for every square inch of the planet. There is a good reason Agenda 21 is not widely understood by Americans. Our government has deliberately been implementing it under other names for 20 years and obfuscating the true intent of the doctrine.

Agenda 21 was first presented as a treaty in Rio in 1991. Pres. George H. Bush signed it. Part of the treaty, a “Biodiversity Treaty,” was presented to our Congress, but thankfully rejected. Not discouraged by a little thing like our representative government, Pres. Bill Clinton cleverly signed an executive order implementing all of Agenda 21, but used one of the major chapter titles, creating the “President’s Council on Sustainable Development.” This action bypassed every check against executive authority when implementing treaties.

A President does not have the authority to implement a treaty without ratification by our Senate. Further, actions of the treaty cannot be funded without approval from the House of Representatives. Instead, Clinton’s executive order has been funded by every executive agency in our federal government without the approval of the American people. Pres. Obama has accelerated the spending for Agenda 21 and created by executive order the “White House Rural Council” on the same principles to control all rural areas of the country.

While you have been wondering what on earth is wrong with our government at all levels, as planners and leaders have been forcing stringent regulations upon us, the federal government has been borrowing tax money from you to completely control every aspect of your life based on this invalid treaty. “Comprehensive” doesn’t begin to describe the sum total of this insidious plan. Agenda 21 controls what you eat, how you move about, where and how you live, the amount of water and energy you use, and more. (The light bulb ban is one tiny example this.) And just to make this more illegal, the funding is coming through unelected entities such as regional governance groups, NGO’s, and non-profits. Media and government agencies have created mass hysteria over bogus claims of “human caused climate change” in order to make you think this control of your life is necessary to save the planet. You have been witnessing this every day for years now. Have you wondered why?

So is this a “Conspiracy Theory?” Or is this fact? You can find the facts easily by searching the UN website on Agenda 21, or search these words and phrases: Sustainable Development, Smart Growth USA, ICLEI, regional governance, Growing Smart Legislative Handbook, EPA PAYT, NRPE, et al. After 20 years of usurpation of our taxes and laws, Agenda 21 is now entrenched in every institution in the country, frankly, like a cancer. It is going to take a major effort to recognize it and un-fund it at every level of government. This is why we must have leadership who reject this and return the U.S. to our Constitutional representative government.

Our elected officials are our last line of defense against this. If they don’t understand what it is, they don’t know how to fight it. This is why Gaston County commissioners should be thanked and congratulated. They did what this entire country needs to do: reject and condemn Agenda 21, a.k.a. Sustainable Development, a.k.a. Smart Growth, ICLEI, and every manifestation of it that exists in our nation. Thank you Gaston County commissioners!

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