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Mitt Romney’s minister of information appeared on CNN the other day and made a big faux pas. He accidentally inadvertently told the truth. And when a senior campaign strategist, adviser and confidante blurts out the truth it really makes headlines. It attracts even more attention when a beloved child’s toy is mentioned.

Yes indeed, the Etch-a-Sketch is back, bigger and better than ever. Romney’s guy was asked about Romney being a conservative. Now as you know, one of the big knocks on Romney is that his political ideology is, shall we say, subject to change. When he ran against Ted Kennedy, he said he was a liberal. When he ran for Massachusetts Governor, he said he was a reformer and a moderate. For the last two presidential races, he has said he is really a conservative.

The other knock on Romney is that he seems to be solidly on both sides of many major issues, playing directly into the shifting positions narrative of having core beliefs with all the staying power of an Etch-a-Sketch masterpiece.

If Romney ends up as the GOP nominee, conservatives who will hold their noses in November will be squeezing just a little harder after this latest gaffe. Oh, and if he wins should we look for the magic eight ball in the Oval Office to help set foreign policy?

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