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Liberals Love Sarah Palin


Ready for Veep?

HBO struck gold with Game Change, a film trashing Sarah Palin, and now they will broadcast a series about an attractive vice president called Veep, and we all know it has nothing to do with Sarah Palin.

How much money has Sarah Palin made the American left? There are now dozens of famous liberals who made piles of cash lambasting the former VP candidate. Sarah Palin has been good to liberals. She feeds their kids, pays for their exotic cars, their hybrid that they drive to the food co-op to hide their exotic car, their boats and most of all, she secures their position to work the next anti-Palin agitprop.

Game Change is marketed as a balanced tell-all, but it’s really a predator driving an ice cream truck. It looks innocent from the outside, but once you’re involved, regret and betrayal await you.

This upcoming Veep show may have some promise, but I have a feeling The New Adventures of Old Christine just got a job in The West Wing.

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