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President Obama Attacks Rush Limbaugh, Clear Channel & American Businesses


Special Report from Mecklenburg’s Vincent Bordini:
(Click on all images for the full view.)

After a Super Tuesday get together, I went home and looked at The Drudge Report and read a story that contained this tidbit:

WBEC Vice President Peter Barry said his decision to cut Limbaugh has been met with overwhelming support from the station’s listeners:

“We have been inundated with calls and emails of support,” Barry told ABC News. “There have been probably 50 calls of support for every one call disagreeing with the decision.”

C’mon… there is no way liberals outnumber conservatives 50 to 1 in the talk radio audience. Knowing that statement to be bogus, I searched and found a left-wing site that provided me with a link to a Google doc containing Rush’s sponsors. Except this Google doc had people working on it right before my eyes and two had filled in their own email address for the organization.In a few moments the number of viewers ticked up to around 12 and then I thought the end was near so I grabbed this screenshot:

Moments later, this Tweet comes up from @Shoq (Shoq Value) who is credited with creating the doc:

A few minutes pass and a more truthful tweet appears:

Two of the activists identified were Malinda Miller and John Majka. Here are their pages:

Their pages looked like typical liberals stuff but the @Stoprush page was more interesting.:

You can see that the fourth tweet down is Shoq, explaining to @StopRush that their working list is down. Below that you can see Angelo Carusone of Media Matters and the creator of @StopRush

I had just shut down #StopRush by mistake. They didn’t get their modified doc back up for over ten hours.
Then there is @Shoq with paid Obama staff in Florida:

This is Kate Catherall:

She works closely with Stanley Williams, OFA’s FL Youth Vote Director:

So while President Obama plays magnanimous before the press, his paid staff is fully engaged in the partisan activist effort to create havoc in talk radio by terrorizing advertisers into fleeing Clear Channel.

Our president has partnered with Media Matters and brought the creator of their #StopRush document into his campaign offices while hiding the truth of his staffs actions.

The entire “backlash” against Rush was a phony campaign orchestrated by President Obama, David Axelrod and some OFA staffers. This is the most naked assault on private business by a sitting President and a cheapening of the office he holds.

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