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Paul Snags Delegates In Mass. Uprising


There was a huge hullabaloo on Saturday at the Massachusetts Republican Party caucus events. You’ll surely remember that Mitt Romney won the Massachusetts Republican primary a few weeks back. He won it in a pretty major way, too, racking up 70-plus percent of the primary votes. Well that was the beauty contest part and this past Saturday the actual delegates were to be chosen.

Mitt Romney had an official slate that included some upstanding Republicans like Kerry Healy, Charlie Baker, Brad Jones and Frank Cousins. It was generally assumed that the Romney slate would easily win the election for all of the delegates and alternate slots, but that was not to be.

A group of so-called liberty minded men and women, closely allied with Texas Congressman Ron Paul, had a very organized effort and campaigned at each of the caucus events. They termed themselves the Ronal Reagan Liberty Slate and never once mentioned their affinity for or loyalty to Ron Paul.  They won! I don’t know how this  will all turn out, but suffice to say it’s getting rather interesting.

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