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Joe Biden’s Middle Class $10,000 Lunch was a BFD


Yesterday our illustrious Vice President, Joseph Robinette Biden, attended an ultra-swanky fundraiser that we the people could have attended for $10,000 a plate at Erskine Bowels middle class McMansion.

There were dozens of law enforcement, Secret Service and conveniently scheduled utility repairmen, all of whom were very courteous and professional. I went with a few of the local Tea Party rowdies and we gave Joe a greeting on his way into taking a break from playing middle-class.

We set up some of those Gadsen signs along the sidewalk and held a few signs of our own. Mine was “This election is a BFD!” – which is Joe’s favorite phrase to describe passage of Obamacare. The Charlotte Observer took notice and while it was swell of them to cover us, they did try to dress up Joe’s catchphrase as a response to the killing of bin Laden. I was told the Observer corrected this later; but are we really surprised that even when we get press, it is tainted with some state-loving agitprop?

So why did I bother protesting this man’s swanky fundraiser? After all, many polls have swanky fundraisers. I attended this because I find the attempts of the Democratic Party to fool the middle and working class nauseating. It has been a comical affair to watch VP Joe play at his middle-class status. Most us are from families who elevated themselves to such a level; Joe Biden is from wealth so poorly managed, they landed in middle class.  In fact, a New York Times piece best put the way the Bidens felt about class:

“After 1972, he gave up car sales and went into real estate,” Ms. Owens said in a recent interview. “He didn’t want a United States senator to have a used-car salesman for a dad.”

That would be too middle-class.

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