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Democrat Grace In Defeat & Why They Are This Bad At Politics Today


The Democrats are inconsolable over their huge loss to Republican Governor Scott Walker. The people of Wisconsin were smart enough to figure out that Democrats would destroy their state even further. The leftists took to the Web to tell Americans what they think of being thwarted. Some of the best reactions are on Twitter. This is what the Democrat Party thinks of its fellow Americans:

And a little ad-lib to talk about other issues:

Of course all of that is typical liberal satire, like when Bill Maher, the Second in Command of the Democrat Party, calls Sarah Palin a c**t.  But, Maher is not the architect of liberal loserdom these last two years. The title of Democrat leader goes to John Stewart of The Daily Show. A man more talented than Maher and more honest about how left wing he really is. If you look at cable news ratings of the last few years, there are two comedy shows who creep into the Top Ten. Today, John Stewart’s Daily Show is the number one news source for liberals. It’s in the numbers. It’s a fact.


It is only in the ninth slot that a slightly credible liberal newscaster appears, Anderson Cooper. The fact that he is the penultimate 1%er, a son of the Vanderbilt fortune, is to be ignored when he is your side’s 1%er. All of the other left-wing newscasters in the Top Ten are either actual comedians, wannabe comedians or platitude blathering elitists who think up their best one-liners on the way to the overpriced whole foods store.

In the Number Three slot is The Colbert Report, another show run by a 50-year-old pretending to be a newsman. In fact, his whole act is a reflection of the cartoonish liberal mind.  When adults watch Colbert, we see guy who parodies Bill O’Reilly. When Democrats watch him, they think it’s real.

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