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Odds Against John Edwards’ Rehabilitation


The justice system is apparently through with John Edwards. But according to the former Senator and presidential candidate, God isn’t. If the Almighty needs a helping hand, Edwards — the legal albatross removed from his neck — is ready to help. He began rehabilitating his image the minute his trial concluded, vowing his devotion to selfless charity on behalf of the children. And then there’s the one about Little Red Riding Hood.

I’m not saying Edwards is beyond redemption. Numerous people with checkered histories have undergone radical transformations. Norma McCorvey comes to mind, as does Shelley Lubben. Neither woman may come up for sainthood. However, their behavioral change is exemplified in their actions. John Edwards is just shoveling the same manure that liberals shovel each time they need a public relations boost: God, children, and poverty. In the aftermath of his acquittal, Edwards seems determined to confirm everyone’s worst suspicions about him.

Frankly, trying John Edwards for corruption was a redundancy. No sworn witness or jury conviction was necessary to understand this man. We needed no testimony from the equally corrupt Andrew Young. John Edwards’ entire political career confirms his turpitude.

Edwards entered the political scene with a “Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific” coiffure and a smile worthy of the seediest used-car salesman. He built his platform on a “Two Americas” class envy theme so seasoned with nanny state hogwash that it would’ve made Lyndon Johnson barf. Edwards presented himself as a “stand by your woman” man. Yet he used his wife and her illness to gain public sympathy, and its related contributions, for his presidential bid. Behind the scenes he was committing the “Big A” with campaign staffer Rielle Hunter. He then blamed Rielle’s pregnancy on an associate whose moral compass was no more dependable than his own. Oh, and he conned a naive old hag into paying his hush money.

Edwards is corrupt whether he broke the law or not. Anyone who failed to recognize his lack of character must’ve spent the last decade with their eyes closed. Edwards is a world class narcissist and first rate con artist. But alas, so are many politicians. Retrying him would prove as wasteful of time and resources as it is uninteresting.

However, it will be interesting to see how far “progressive” media hacks will go to aid Edward’s rehabilitation. You have to know they’ll feign and fawn over this swine at the first opportunity. Let Edwards hand a lollipop to one poor child while blaming Republicans for defunding the federal free lollipop program and we’ll be inundated with stories about how this charlatan has reformed his image. In typical liberal fashion, Edwards will seek redemption in phony charitableness while contributing nothing of his own.

God might indeed mend John Edwards. They say He moves in mysterious ways. But politicians move in predictable ways. I’ll wager that John Edwards remains more concerned with cultivating a persona that plays well in the media than stabilizing his personal integrity. Place your bets.

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