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How To Get The Youth Vote 101


Following the outburst from Politico’s headline that 13-year-old Conservative, Jonathan Krohn, is now 17 and Liberal, it was impossible to not be reminded that the GOP does not know &%$# when it comes to getting the youth vote.

But let’s look on the bright side; the GOP can make a change. They’re just going to have to work for it. If the GOP truly wants the youth vote, here are five steps they can take to make it happen:

#1: Act like they actually want the youth.

No, I am not saying that the GOP needs to adhere to every need of the youth and promise them free stuff. They simply need to put out a message that says, “Hey young people, we want you.”

#2: Make politics simple and applicable to youth.

Most youth look at politics as complicated and boring, and honestly, the way the GOP puts it out there, it is. Forget the fancy charts and rhetoric—call it like it is, and remind the youth why it is crucial for them to be on the ‘right side of history.’ Taxes and gas prices are a great place for the GOP to start.

#3: Newsflash: Nothing is Free.

The biggest tactic of the Left is that they love to promise free stuff. But the fact is, nothing is free, and this needs to be hammered into every young person’s head. Anything and everything they get for ‘free’ is paid for by somebody else. ‘Nothing is Free’ needs to be in every pamphlet, ad, video, and blog the GOP puts out.

#4: America’s deficit will be paid for… by the youth.

This is a great point for the GOP, if they market it correctly. A message saying, “America is drowning in nearly 16 trillion dollars in debt, and guess what? You’re going to pay for it,” would be a winner with the youth.

#5: DO NOT make general statements about the youth.

This is something that every Republican adult needed to be reminded of when the Krohn story broke. Making generalized statements about the youth will only discourage them from coming to the GOP. If the GOP is hostile to youth, the youth is going to be hostile to them.

These five points are only ice breakers when it comes to getting the youth on the GOP bandwagon, but if these points are used properly, they will be very effective and beneficial for everyone. The GOP is not going to win over every kid, but they can at least start to appeal to them.

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