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Steps Down The Road To Ruin


After all we have seen over the last decade, culminating with the Supreme Court’s ruling on Obamacare, you have to realize the U.S. Constitution is being shredded and/or ignored completely. So acknowledge it. Breathe deeply, close your eyes, and just take it all in.

My explanation for how we arrived at this point may be simplistic, only because the formula driving the erosion of America remains rather basic at its core.

First, think about necessities, i.e. currency, housing, natural resources, transportation, energy, education, health care, and food. Imagine you want control over all of those necessities in order to control the population. (No, don’t give me that look, like who would want to do that? Or why would anyone want to do that? We know who and we know why…so don’t even go there.)

Step #1 ~ Create the crisis. Now think about what you would do to command control of all of those sectors. Each one of the sectors I mention is publicized as being in crisis mode or under shortages. You know the drill:  “We’re running out of energy sources.”  “We’re running out of natural resources.”  “Too many people don’t have access to healthcare.”  “Education is failing our students.” “We have food deserts.”  (Conversely, “we have an obesity epidemic.”) “Banks are evil because people can’t get loans.”  (Conversely, “Money is disappearing into the coffers of highly paid executives,” or “Money is just disappearing a la AIG and J.P. Morgan.”)  “Cars are killing the planet.” “Humans and domestic animals create evil greenhouse gases.”  “Americans are too wealthy and use up too many resources.”

While you are creating myriad crisis, destroy the infrastructure, divert transportation money away from roads and bridges, blow up dams, monitor and restrict farming, etc.

Step #2 ~ Use government power to “fix the crisis.” In your mind, go back to Jimmy Carter. In his case it was the energy (gasoline) crisis, housing and banking (hitting two birds with one stone on that one, going after the banks on home loans and creating the Community Reinvestment Act, thereby regulating the banks – strangling the banks, more like it. Forcing them to loan to areas that notoriously were high-risk areas).

Now let’s go to Bill Clinton. He doubled down on the banks and housing regulations by putting the CRA on steroids. Not done, he then created the President’s Council on Sustainable Development, which hits ALL of the sectors on the pretense of a fictional global environmental crisis. He also refused to go after Bin Laden, but oh well.

Move right along to Bush. Voilá! 911. A security crisis. Create the Patriot Act and Homeland Security; warrantless wiretaps; airport scanners; and drones over American land.

All through these years you have the open border policy allowing millions of illegal immigrants into the country. Another crisis, accompanied by more regulations forcing Americans to pay for the illegals.

All through these years you demand public education curriculum that supports your ideology. Rewrite history and refuse to teach the tenets of liberty.

Spend until the nation has more debt than the GDP. Outspend productivity.

Step #3 ~ Make it global. Forget the United States as a sovereign nation and wind all of the problems into the global picture. Both literally and figuratively, make Americans pay the price for global problems that American citizens did not create, but some American government policies did. Tie us into the IMF so we are on the hook for the EU crisis. Invest public retirement funds in global markets through the World Bank. Establish treaties with the UN that redistribute our sovereign wealth. Create Free Trade Agreements and Free Trade Zones within our sovereign borders. Tie us all together in neat little Gordian knots made of your Socialist utopian threads from which we cannot escape.

Step #4 ~ Media manipulation. Use the media (buy the media) to propagate the lies and ridicule anyone who doesn’t buy into the lies. Redefine everything. Regulate speech (making it a hate crime) and control Internet communications. Dumb the culture down. Appoint global progressives or sycophants to the Supreme Court and make sure their opinions are regurgitated in a positive light by the mainstream media. Hand power to your fellow travelers in all government agencies, echoed in the media as necessary to create regulations for the public good.

Step #5 ~ Hire millions more government employees to handle all of the new regulations. Use the power of regulations to shut down private sector businesses and/or collude with the larger (too big to fail) industries; then bailout the ‘too big to fail’ sectors. Raise taxes to pay for all of this. Use tax policies to reward or punish citizens.

Step #6 ~ Govern by decree. You are almost done now; next, you just start using executive orders. Corrupt the Justice Department. Corrupt the military mission from defense of the nation to social causes. Forget the people’s House; circumvent Congress. Make sure the Federal Reserve keeps interest rates at zero. Print more money to cause inflation. Corrupt the currency and the banking sector.

Step #7 ~ Gloat. Manage the crises you created while pretending you are solving them. Manage the perpetual wars. Vacation in Hawaii and New England; play golf; party on, Dudes! Your mission is accomplished. Retire on the taxpayers’ dimes. Build monuments to yourselves. Your children inherit your lies and wealth, while our children inherit your crises and debts.

I’m sure I’ve left some things out here and there. But that’s the crux of the situation. Did you like being American? I did. Did they ask us if we wanted to be global Socialists? And if they did, did you even understand what that means? And if you did understand what that means, why did you vote for it?

Where is our America?

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