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DNC Leaves $15 Million in Debt, Insults Charlotte and MSNBC Throws Out a Conservative‏


So what happened to all the magic that was supposed to come our way with the Democratic National Convention coming to Charlotte?

The DNC carries a debt as it leaves Charlotte, yet I am told that this convention made money for Charlotte. I would like to see where these profits are, because the Democrats keep telling us they are better stewards of our wealth. Seeing that they can’t throw a party for themselves without a bailout does not inspire confidence.

Charlotte’s Epicenter was taken over by the liberal media who set up the MSNBC Experience and we even had a “CNN Grill,” because making Democratic elitists eat local fare would be beneath them. During a broadcast of one of MSNBC’s compelling news programs, blogger & talk show host Kira Davis was thrown out for holding a sign that read “Black, Conservative and Voting for Romney!” She was quickly expelled for her gratuitous assault on MSNBC, daring to demonstrate contrary ideas in the presence of a liberal news program.

Some other offenses committed against the left during convention week were the reinstatement of God and Jerusalem in their platform. The Democrats hated God and Jerusalem so much, they voted them down three times. Chairman Villagorosa overruled them anyway by pretending his side won. The boos rained down and it was excellent video that demonstrates the rank and file attitude in the Democratic Party.

A parting shot was offered to Charlotte inside the CNN Grill from Senator Chuck Schumer:

“For ‘Morning Joe,’ I got up 5:30, in the car at 6. I love real city cities — New York, Boston, Philly, San Francisco — not these spread-out schlepperville places with no there there.”

Thanks Chuck. Here’s what schlep means: 1.An arduous journey 2. stupid or clumsy person.

Chuck Schumer was not finished:

“But I love conventions. Because I love these people. I usually must travel 300 miles to see them. But they’re all here. They’re my people.”
“My people” being the celebrities and political elitists. Check out Chuck’s friends at the CNN Grill.

So after all of the promises made to Charlotte regarding this convention, can we now say that it brought us war zone security, press about bedbugs, drug deals and hookers at hotels. Let’s not forget Democrat leaders insulting the city.

Thanks DNC! We were glad to host you, even though you were afraid of our restaurants.

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