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Selective Law Enforcement at DNC?


Before the Democratic National Convention (DNC), the city of Charlotte put in place new picketing ordinances to ensure everyone would be safe, and that the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) would have control. But here we are, at the start of the DNC, and the new ordinances are not being enforced.

Since the start of the DNC many of these Picketing Ordinances have been ignored by the protestors and also by the CMPD. Protestors are camping out, blocking streets,  andholding standoffs, which are all in direct violation of the city’s ordinances and are “unlawful for any person to violate.”

Where is Chief Monroe, and why is he not making sure that all of the ordinances are being enforced? Were the city’s ordinances only put in place to be used as scare tactics against lawful citizens who wanted to protest, or, were they put in place to be used for selective law enforcement?

Sources, that wish to remain anonymous, tell me that the Charlotte city officials are calling the shots for the CMPD and are telling them when and when not to enforce the ordinaces, which is now leading to danger, disruption, and maybe a hint of embarrassment for police officials and the DNC.

Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx has been deemed one of the up and coming Democrats, and he will even take the stage at this year’s DNC. He has been in front of the camera many times in the past few weeks showing his excitement and enthusiasm for the DNC coming to town, but now that the DNC is here, is he choosing to put citizens in danger, instead of enforcing ordinances, to protect his political career?

I have called Mayor Anthony Foxx’s office and the CMPD in regards to these accusations, but have received no response. As I find out more, this will be updated. If you have a more information, pictures, or inside scoops, please email me with the subject line, “DNC.”

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