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A Bed Full Of Betrayals


The idea behind keeping your moral integrity intact if you are in the military is that, if you don’t, you could be blackmailed into endangering the security of the United States. Right? So the FBI steps in on getting a sniff of General Petraeus’ extramarital affair some months ago and starts investigating him and his paramour. The fear is that the paramour could blackmail the General, or that someone else might blackmail the General for national secrets, threatening to tell his wife of the affair. Got that so far? If you are in the military, you don’t cheat on your spouse. It is part of the military code of conduct. Simple and straight forward.

But General Petraeus is retired Army. He has been serving as the CIA Director, and claims the affair at the heart of his downfall began after he retired from the military. I don’t know positively, but I would expect the CIA has similar conduct rules on this subject. No one I’ve heard says so, though.

Time goes by and no one exposes the General’s conduct to the public. Does the FBI tell the President? Does the FBI tell Leon Panetta, Defense Secretary? Probably both. But it is inconvenient to reveal General Petraeus’ unbecoming behavior before an election. And besides, there is a little weapons- and gun-running scheme by the CIA going on in Libya, something the General knows about and is likely handling for the President’s plans. He knows too much about something, about which the public knows nothing.

Then, in September, there is an attack on the U.S. Consulate and CIA annex station in Benghazi. Four men, including Ambassador Chis Stevens and former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, are left high and dry by our defense department. No one lifts a finger to try to help the men who are under attack. Someone, we don’t know who, demanded our military stand down and do nothing to save those four men. At the same time, the Obama administration goes public saying the attack was caused by a stupid, homemade video. Our UN Ambassador, Susan Rice, is commanded by the President to appear on five different news programs and announce the video was the problem and that the attack was likely just a spontaneous mob action. Even Petraeus echoes the same line. Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, goes public with the same lie. The entire administration proceeds to commit a public fraud by lying about this attack and subsequent murders of the four Americans in Libya. But Petraeus knows the truth, that it was a planned terrorist attack. And he knows who told the military to stand down. He has the goods on the administration.

So the FBI has the goods on General Petraeus. Conversely, General Petraeus has the goods on the President and his cohorts in crime. Obama, being a mobster from Chicago, and who has the ethics of the Corleone family, knows how to play this game. The thing to do is discredit Petraeus before the General has a chance to blow the whistle on who let our Americans die at the hands of terrorists without so much as a fly-by random shot. Kaboom – two days after the election we get the announcement that General Petraeus has been having an illicit affair and is resigning as Director of the CIA. He’s done. He is discredited. No one could possibly believe him now.

We have a lying President, a lying Defense Secretary, a lying UN Ambassador, and a lying Secretary of State.  We have a General with a checkered spot on his uniform and a mistress who is leaking information. Now we have a Lebanese set of sisters in Florida who have supposedly been the source for the FBI on the Petraeus affair. But the Lebanese set of sisters are in debt up to their eyeballs and could very well be targets of blackmail by the FBI or the administration as well.

With me so far?

Bottom line: We have a snake pit for a government with cheaters and liars in all of these major positions of power. All of them could be blackmailing each other. The really bad joke is President Obama recently talking about “trust” being a major function of governing. If it weren’t for four dead Americans and the complete loss of American trust in governing officials, this might be funny. At the least, as so many are pointing out, this could be one helluva great HBO series, novel, or movie.

Who is blackmailing whom? Seems to me they are all blackmailing us. They are still on salary with the American taxpayers footing the bill. The House of Representatives, our representatives, and our Senators are scratching their heads and wondering what to do with this debacle. Well, if they don’t know what to do … some of the American people could tell them.

Meanwhile there are petitions from all 50 states to secede from the United States of America. These actions may not end up in secession, but surely to heaven someone is noticing that people are not happy out here. Do you think?

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