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GOP Faces Humpty Dumpty Dilemma


There is a lot of talk right now about the Republican Party being fractured. From what I see around me, this is very true. The fracture I see is between three factions: progressives (RINOs), Christian conservatives, and libertarians. Let me see if I can wade through the mess.

Social liberalism, a.k.a. libertarianism, is a strange animal. I have some libertarian friends who I really like. That makes it harder to argue against their philosophies. But like them as I do, I find them just as frustrating as the extreme leftists. To me, both leftists (Progressives) and libertarians lead to the same place, fiscal and moral destitution.

Both the Christian conservatives and the libertarians are fed up to their eyeballs with the RINOs. Totally fed up. And no wonder. RINOs are the fascist branch of governing. They want to marry up with global corporations and bend the laws to benefit their crony financial supporters. They sell our souls for money.

Both the RINOs and the libertarians are fed up with the Christian conservatives because the RINOs and libertarians think Christian morals are just passé, dumb, unachievable, and a waste of time. This leaves the Christian conservatives stuck pretty much alone with nowhere to turn for support. The RINOs and the libertarians would throw the Christian conservatives out with the snap of fingers. While the Christian conservatives are trying to figure out some way of bringing the strays back to the fold, evangelizing the Constitution as the basis for freedom under God.

Is there any hope of bringing these three factions together? First of all, the Republican Party doesn’t survive without the donors. Christian conservatives are not Daddy Warbucks, and neither are libertarians rolling in dough. So the RINOs have the money. But the Christian conservatives and libertarians can’t stomach the sell out of principles for money. It’s a matter of integrity.

Secondly, the Republican Party does not survive without a base constituency. The argument lies here: Who is the base? If the money for fascist cronyism turns off the other two-thirds of the base, the Republican Party just shot itself in the foot and goes quietly into the annals of history as a failure.  If two-thirds of the base is made up of Christian conservatives and libertarians, where do those people go?

I’m going to divide this into three parts: Social, Economic, and Defense (Military).

On the social aspect, Christian conservatives are never going to accept gay marriage. It isn’t going to happen. Libertarians are on the opposite side of this fence, promoting gay marriage as a “choice.” Libertarians want government to legalize (support) drugs and prostitution. I can’t see Christian conservatives getting on board with those two things either.

Christian conservatives are anti-abortion, but for the most part, want government to get out of it all together. I doubt there will ever be a reversal of the amendment on this. However, using Christians’ tax dollars for abortion is not ever going to fly with them; and it’s the same with drugs and prostitution. Gay marriage is different from these, however, due to the impact on children. Family law for Christian conservatives involves protecting the Christian traditional structure of marriage and children. There is no compromise on this.

On the economic aspect, moral depravity and weakness always ends up with social spending. I don’t know how else to say that. Libertarians put government spending and regulations in charge of drugs, prostitution, abortion, and the ramifications of gay marriage. Christian conservatives are not going to support that position. Christian conservatives believe in individual responsibility, but do not believe government should support depravity.

Christian conservatives are supporters of a strong military and defense. Libertarians are military isolationists. Their idea of a military defense would stop at our borders. I understand that, but given the geo-political situation we are in, I’m not sure that is possible; especially due to the Ron Paul influence of standing down in the face of Islamic terrorism and blaming America for that. (Please don’t argue this with me in comments or messages. I’m not in the mood and I frankly don’t think we can go back over decades of huge mistakes by our government in this matter. I am not going to waste my time defending those mistakes. I’m just saying the reality of the situation does not permit isolationism at this point.)

Meanwhile, back at the RINO Ranch, the players don’t care about any of that as long as they keep the gravy train of corporate money coming in.

Here is the conundrum. All three of these factions are up against a Democrat Party that is taking over all of it – Social, Economics, and Military – and going in a direction that will destroy the entire nation under Socialist/Fascist rule.  As a Christian conservative, I don’t see where the Republican Party can find a base with these three factions, as much as I would like to see the Republican Party strengthened to fight off the radical arm of Democrats.

I don’t see room for Christian conservatives within a Republican Party that is part RINO, part libertarian. I don’t see room for libertarians within a Republican Party that is part RINO and Christian conservative. And I don’t see the Republican Party surviving as just the RINO Party.

I think we need the Republican Party. We need the Republican Party to provide the opposite of what the Democrat Party is doing. A third party is not likely to succeed, but will simply continue act as a spoiler to future elections.

Three factions within the Republican Party do not appear to have enough common ground to pull it all back together. I am very much for creating some kind of platform on which that these factions can agree. At the moment, I can’t find it. If you can find that actual platform of common ground, I’d like to see it. Can Humpty Dumpty be put back together again?

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