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Code Pink’s Audacity


I know this doesn’t fall under my typical coverage of criminal justice, but I just felt compelled to briefly respond to the nonsense of this situation.

While listening to the NRA’s recent press conference on the Sandy Hook situation, I found it ironic that Code Pink interrupted the news conference blaming the NRA for killing our kids and having blood on their hands.  The simple truth is that the Code Pink organization supports an even larger killer of children called “abortion”.

Recently the Code Pink organization protested the Republican convention arguing that pro-life Republicans are waging war against women.  There was also a group of Code Pink activists who joined Planned Parenthood demonstrators in Charlotte at the DNC in support of President Barack Obama.

From 1973-2011 there have been approximately 54.5 million abortions performed in the United States alone.  So as an intelligent human being it is a no brainer who the real supporter of children being murdered  is: Code Pink.

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