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In light of the self-inflicted implosion of the GOP, I offer them the following if they wish to ever win another election on my vote:

“All people – NOT just Americans – possess from their Creator the liberty and freedom to DO, SAY, THINK, BELIEVE, POSSESS, OR CONSUME ANYTHING they want in PRIVACY AND IN PUBLIC ONLY SO LONG AS THE ACT OF DOING SO DOES NOT harm others.

Being offended, annoyed, inconvenienced, embarrassed, angered, disgusted or otherwise upset over another person’s or group’s words, looks, beliefs, actions, choices, tastes, successes or failures DOES NOT harm you.

Criminalizing or penalizing behavior that we do not like or fear when NO ACTUAL, PROVABLE HARM has been committed is NOT the function of government.

As such, we, the undersigned, if given the honor to serve as your statesmen and women, do hereby proclaim;

We will NOT enact or enforce ANY future or existing law that infringes upon liberty and freedom. We shall work to REPEAL ALL current laws that infringe upon your rights and liberty.

We will NEVER promote, penalize, or pit one person, group, belief system, or course of action above or against another; We shall reinvigorate and demand adherence to the Rule of Law by ALL persons be they private or public. If you or your group wishes to implore us your interests, you SHALL PROVE in civil court that you or your group has been harmed; we are NOT here to help you get ahead or represent what you believe is right or good.

To the lobbyists, the sycophants, the international bodies (yes that means you, UN), and the special interest groups; ¬†you’re fired. Immediately. Pack your bags, go home. Find a real job.

We will immediately DEFUND and ABOLISH all government agencies, offices, staff and other associated expenses, policies, procedures, and promises that have been created by any infringement upon your rights. Unfortunately, the money and wealth that was stolen from our citizens through income taxes, inflation, and the manipulation of interest rates, and which used to support these agencies, offices, staff, and expenses is GONE. FOREVER.

Thus, for those who currently collect or receive – as well as those who have been promised to collect or receive – ANY financial benefit from the government, whether deserved or not, we empathize with you as our money and wealth was also stolen. However, we CANNOT and WILL NOT continue the theft of one person or group’s money, property, or resources in order to benefit another person or group. This includes not only theft from those living today but theft from the unborn generations of tomorrow.

As such, under our direction as your government, the checks, the prepaid debit cards, the free phones, the grants, the loans, the housing, the transportation, the loopholes, the tax breaks and deductions, the corporate and private welfare, the bailouts, the corruption, the theft, and any other financial benefit or promise made by the US Government and FUNDED BY THEFT would stop. TODAY.

As a direct result of this return our YOUR LIBERTY, we would ABOLISH ALL INCOME TAXES – FEDERAL AND STATE. It’s your money. Keep it. We don’t need it.

We WILL ENACT and ENFORCE short, simple, easy-to-understand, yet forceful and painful CIVIL penalties that provide for the REMUNERATION OF ACTUAL HARM. It is up to you to fund and PROVE in civil court you have been harmed; do NOT expect us to prevent you from being harmed or to prove you have been harmed. Your security, defense, and well-being are YOUR responsibility; our ONLY PURPOSE as your government is to protect, defend, and preserve liberty. We are NOT here to defend and protect you.

As your government, in our role as the protectors of liberty, make no mistake; we, alongside of and with the aid of our armed citizenry, will reign down death and destruction on ANY who choose to violate liberty ON OUR SOIL. To our international neighbors, we will no longer meddle in your affairs or your way of life or governance, nor will we occupy your lands without invitation. Your sovereignty is assured in our eyes. We will not attack you on your soil unless attacked on our own. BUT KNOW THIS: The days of America not fighting to win ARE OVER. For any who violate our trust or liberty, neither your men, women, children, old or ill will be safe. In the name of liberty we will hunt you down and destroy you and your entire way of life. With relentless conviction.

To our citizens, we will do all of the above CHEAPLY and WITHOUT borrowing or creating any money or credit that DEVALUES your currency. Make no mistake, the economy of the United States is too large, too diverse, and too complex for anyone, and especially the government, to control. The free market is the ONLY mechanism that results in the efficient production and use of capital and goods. The free market – as in free of government distortion, manipulation, or corruption – creates the best environment for innovation, high quality, low prices, stable supply, and interest rates that accurately reflect and promote liberty and freedom. THAT is where jobs and good wages come from.

Therefore, beyond the correction of harm as proven in the civil courts, as your government we will NOT enact or enforce ANY law or policy that affects or involves the US economy, trade or any other form of private or public voluntary associations and transactions.

In closing, the above actions are ALL we will do. Do NOT ask for more; do NOT expect less.

Everything else in your life, including whether you become a SUCCESS OR A FAILURE, is up to YOU based the CHOICES you make. How you respond to your newly restored liberty is up to you. How our nation fares in the future is UP TO YOU.

We understand being truly free for the first time in your life is a daunting thing to behold and undertake. It can be an overwhelming and demanding responsibility; the dangers of failure are great. Yet, also true is that the rewards of freedom and liberty are vastly greater than anything government could ever provide.

Good luck, and don’t screw it up.”

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