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ACTION ALERT: SB4 Committee Meeting February 12, 2013 10:00am‏


North Carolina is one of the reddest states in America.

We have a Republican Governor and Lt. Governor …

A Republican majority on the state Supreme Court…

Nine of our thirteen U.S. Congressmen are Republican.

Our state General Assembly is dominated by Republicans — with a 33-17 majority in the State Senate, and a 77–43 majority in the State House of Representatives.  That’s a veto-proof super-majority!

Nullifying ObamaCare should be a slam dunk!

What Republican would be against ending ObamaCare?

Earlier this week, the NC State Senate passed S 4.

If it becomes law, it will block implementation of ObamaCare in North Carolina.

But, we need to keep up the pressure. If we don’t, then the statists might derail our efforts to stop ObamaCare in North Carolina.

Why?  As they say … follow the money!

You see, Governor Pat McCrory is worried that if S 4 passes the House, North Carolina will have to return $40 million in federal grants from Barack Obama.  The money was sent here last year to implement a program called NC FAST, intended to manage the Medicaid expansion called for in ObamaCare.  S 4 specifically refuses that money, and calls for it to be sent back to Washington, strings and all.

We have to stand strong and demand passage of this bill.  We can’t accept excuses!

Governor McCrory has been hemming and hawing and refusing to take a firm position for or against ObamaCare implementation ever since last year’s election.  He sent a letter to the NC Senate this week urging them NOT to pass S 4.

Thanks to your pressure, the Senate passed S 4 over the Governor’s objections.

Now, Governor McCrory is putting pressure on Thom Tillis and the NC House to “slow things down.”

This is the kind of sneaky stuff that will be done by those who want full implementation of ObamaCare, but know they cannot support it publicly.

This is the kind of stuff we must oppose!

Contact Governor Pat McCrory right away at (919) 733-5811.  Tell him to stop obstructing our efforts to block ObamaCare in North Carolina!

Then, contact House Speaker Thom Tillis at (919) 733-3451.  Tell him you expect to see H16 (the House companion bill to S4) brought to the House floor for a roll call vote immediately!

Finally, contact Rep. Tim Moore, Chairman of the House Committee on Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House.  Tell him to pass H16 through his committee and bring it to the House floor for a roll call vote immediately! Call Rep. Moore today at (919) 733-4838!

In Liberty,

Adam Love
NC State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Governor Pat McCrory is putting pressure on Speaker Thom Tillis to slow down legislation to block implementation of ObamaCare in North Carolina. Contact them right away and tell them to honor their oaths and nullify now!


As you may know, last week the NC Senate passed S4, a bill designed to largely prevent implementation of ObamaCare in NC.  S4, if passed, would return the $74 million in federal bribe money accepted by Bev Perdue last year, and prohibits the expansion of Medicaid as called for under ObamaCare.
Now that the Senate has done its job to protect North Carolinians from the mandates and taxes that make up the Obamacare takeover, the bill has gone to the NC House to be passed there.  First, though, it has to make it through committee.

S4 has been assigned to the NC House Health & Human Services Committee.  The HHS committee has scheduled S4 for a hearing tomorrow, February 12th, at 10:00AM.  In order to move on to the House floor for a roll call vote, S4 must first receive a favorable vote by the committee.

That’s where we come in.  Please take a moment to email the members of the NC House Health & Human Services committee today and demand that S4 receive a favorable vote.  Insist that the committee members do everything they can to see S4 go to the House floor for a roll call vote as soon as possible.

Right now, today, send the following message to the members of the committee:

Honorable Representatives: Health and Human Services/House Standing CommitteeNorth Carolina House of Representatives
Raleigh, NC 27601

Dear Chairmen, Vice-Chairmen and Committee Members,

As a concerned, engaged North Carolina voter, I want to encourage you in the strongest terms to vote in favor of sending S.B.4, which was passed last week in Senate, to the floor of the House for a roll-call vote. Voting ‘no’ to operating state-run or ‘partnership’ health benefit exchanges and to medicaid expansion is a core principle of Republican values nationwide. Your ‘yes’ vote on this most important legislation will send a message to voters Statewide that you can be counted on and will also ensure my support for you in the future.  Rest assured I will be following the progress of this bill via updates from North Carolina’s Campaign for Liberty.

Your Name

Here are the email addresses of the members of the committee:;;;

Remember, the House Health & Human Services Committee meets tomorrow morning at 10AM.  Time is of the essence for them to get your message, so email now!

In Liberty,

Adam Love

NC State Coordinator

Campaign for Liberty

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