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I Told You So (MERS)


Remember MERS? Remember how I’ve told you it destroyed over 300 years of land records in the US?  Remember how I told you it was owned by the largest banks? Remember how I said you may not own your house or may not be able to sell it? Remember how I kept asking why we are still paying our mortgages?

What follows is the Executive Summary of an audit commissioned by the Registrar of Deeds office in Williamson County, TX.

The audit covers two years of foreclosure’s between 2010 and 2012. Reading the numbers, they found fraud in virtually 100% of the 27% sample, including “Wholesale document fabrication.” In laymen’s terms when the banks didn’t like the paperwork they had or didn’t have the paperwork at all, they just made some sh*t up and submitted it to the courts.  If you can stomach it, read the whole audit here.

Folks, I started hollering about this four years ago. I have done everything I can to get politicians, judges, attorneys, and you involved in this. In that time I’ve watched friends lose their homes, others short sell, and know hundreds of others who are stuck in their homes due to being in upside down mortgages, while knowing that virtually everyone who bought or sold a home since 2002 is at risk.  EVERYONE.

Meanwhile, the banks who perpetrated these crimes – and the government who encouraged and allowed this to happen and subsequently has done nothing about it – continue to take our money in both mortgage payments and ever-increasing taxes in order to cover the bailouts while funding the difference through money-printing and debt.

And yet, of all the people I know, I’m the only person I know personally who told my bank to go jump in a lake when I simply refused to continue making my mortgage payments after they failed to show me the documents I requested. So, when I continually ask, “Why are we still paying our mortgages?” and you continue to send in your payment each month, you are CONSENTING to being financially, legally, and morally raped. Are you that scared of your credit report? Are your principles that weak? Are you really ready to allow America to collapse into a land where this acceptable? Voting will not change this. Revolution will not change this. Ignoring it will not change this. Bitching and moaning will not change this. The only peaceful and lawful thing that WILL change is simple: Quit making your mortgage payment and turn the house over to the bank. But I know you won’t. We the People don’t make any hard choices until we’re forced to. It’s the American way.

At this point all I can say is this: This country, not because of crooked politicians and CEOs, but because of the lack of will in the people to make peaceful and lawful changes – deserves whatever it gets. Collapse, violence, a long protracted slide in the ash heap of history, or whatever happens to people who are too freakin’ lazy, ignorant, or stupid to stand up for themselves.


So, in one county, in one state, in two years (AFTER the crash), at least 1,576 people lost their homes due to one thing: FRAUD

And you still think you might escape this?

So, who owns MERS? Oh, just some of the folks we continue to bailout and do business with. . .

Bank of America

CitiMortgage, Inc.

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

Royal Bank of Scotland

JPMorgan Chase

Fannie Mae

First American Title Insurance Corporation

Freddie Mac

GMAC Residential Funding Corporation

Guaranty Bank

HSBC Finance Corporation

Mortgage Bankers Association

PMI Mortgage Insurance Company

SunTrust Mortgage, Inc.

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