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The Self-fullfilling Prophecy Of Big Government


I have been going through government documents and unelected bureaucracies’ documents while researching policies being put in place locally. I say “being put in place” because these policies are obfuscated from the public and sold to the public with false premises and false predictions.

One thing in particular stands out in all of these documents. The premise that if we do not act now on the recommendation of mandated policies from government, we will suffer untold disasters and horrible consequences. This is on a large scale what a filthy, lying salesman would tell you in order to get you to buy into some crooked scheme or some unproven, risky investment, be it a stock, a used car, or a new roof when your roof is actually perfectly fine. Somehow this worst method of salesmanship has worked its way into the fiber of our governing bodies and systems, so that now it is done with blatant abandon and virtually no consequences are brought to the liars. Media’s complacency and support for the lies is legend by now. The public is completely in the dark or snookered, yet the big government agenda pursued by the liars just continues unabated.

An example I wish to point out is the constant blaring of “all hell is going to break loose due to population growth!” The unelected Council of Governments of our area is guilty as charged. The Director of Centralina Council of Governments recently waltzed into our City Council and County Commissioners meetings here in Union County and proceeded to exclaim that we are moving toward uncontrollable growth in our region and therefore, we MUST begin to inventory and manage all resources before we are overwhelmed with water shortages, dreadful air quality conditions, open land shortages, food shortages, and more. Further he demanded that the knowledge of these dire consequences MUST be put into the school curriculum in order to prepare our children for the change in lifestyles they MUST expect….or else.

When questioned on his authority, he admitted he had none. When questioned about the binding contract he was presenting to our elected officials, he said, “Oh, you can get out of it at any time with no consequences.” When questioned about what was expected of our citizens and elected officials he said, “You can pick and choose what you wish to do or not … No problem.” The trouble with all of this is that the entire presentation was a lie from beginning to end. And guess what? Our City Council was 5 to 2 suckered into signing the contract on the basis of this man’s lies.

Since this occurrence, I have acquired the documents that this Centralina Council of Governments used for this excursion into fantasyland. The contract is binding. There are consequences to resigning from it. And no, you cannot pick and choose what you would like to do or not. The entire thing is a mandate from Obama’s administration of unelected Czars. When you sign onto a contract with the Federal government, you can damn betcha there are consequences to getting out of it. Our City Council can’t be that stupid, can they? You can all answer in unison, “YES THEY CAN!”

Looking into the premise of this predicted onslaught of human beings descending on our area, I discovered that the United States birthrate has been in decline for quite some time now. While North Carolina has grown at a modest pace of 1.3 %, the Madame Zelda of the Centralina Council of Governments said we are going to suffer through a huge increase of population that will overwhelm all of our resources in the next short time span of 20 years. I can’t help but wonder where he is going to get all of these people …unless our government is planning to ship in more Somalis, Nigerians, Mexicans, and any Islamics they can find through our deliberately open borders. Otherwise, this massive population increase is not likely to happen any time soon. Maybe he knows something we don’t?

Looking into the dire predictions of lost “open space,” you can find many sites to tell you that only 5.4 % of the land mass of the United States is developed land. For all of those who didn’t take math classes, that means that at least 94.6% of the United States is left to the wilds already or is rural farmland not considered developed. According to Randall O’Toole, “Urbanized areas and urban clusters cover 2.6 percent of the nation’s land.” So do you think we are running out of open land?

As far as I can tell, any “water shortages” prediction has more to do with the purposeful neglect of government maintaining infrastructure to distribute water, than with anything else. While our politicians have been spending money on windmills that produce nothing and damage the environment, they have neglected to update and renovate our water systems for years now. In fact, they have so deliberately done this that the Federal government has been very busy blowing up dams to stop humans from having reliable water availability.

On transportation, the government has diverted money from the Federal Highway Administration to pay for greenways and bike paths and mass transit. So when they say our transportation system for automobiles is lacking, I wonder who they think is responsible for that? Certainly not the taxpayers.

Then there is the “air quality” issue. Where I live, in a suburb about 30 miles from the next largest city (Charlotte) our air quality is just dandy. The statistics I could find show that we have less than four days per year that are even close to the “yellow” status. But when the geniuses lump us into a “region,” they include Charlotte, which makes it look like our suburb is just choking to death from bad air. Which is exactly what they want people to believe so they can continue to force people onto bicycles and mass transit.

So it goes with every government program you can find today. The Alinsky fools always yell that “The sky is falling,” to support their big government take-over, but then turn around and accuse any opposition of being Chicken Littles when fighting against government tyranny. These folks flip everything on its head, so much that I’m starting to get whiplash.

The bad news is that the prophecies they are fomenting are likely to actually happen because of their malfeasance and damaging policies. Like NAFTA was the supposed solution to gaining manufacturing success for the U.S. (i.e. if we didn’t do it then U.S. manufacturing was going to wither up and die), that program did just the opposite of its promises by encouraging manufacturing to leave the U.S. Then what happened? Manufacturing in the U.S. withered up and died. So like restricting water due to shortages is supposed to “save us,” their policies of refusing to create reliable water sourcing will cause the shortages they predict. “Air quality” will necessarily get worse as they jam populations into higher and higher densities. Voilá! You have an “air quality” crisis….only they created it.

Big government proponents are telling the public whatever lies it takes to stuff their policies down our throats. The dire consequences they are predicting if you don’t swallow the bitter pill are exactly what they are making happen anyway. Or, in some cases, the predictions are just bunk and rubbish. In other cases they are telling us what dire consequences they intend to create. Whichever way you look at these lies, they are self-fulfilling prophecies that lead to only one place: the tyranny of big government.

The one sticking point I can’t seem to relieve at this point is this: Does anyone care about lying anymore? Are we so used to lies that we just expect it and then swallow the bitter pill they are passing around? Can a nation stand on lies? I doubt it. Can a nation depend on selfish Madame Zelda’s? I doubt it.

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