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Another Example Not of Obama Socialism – But of Something much Worse – FASCISM


“Whistleblower Details how Wells Fargo Fabricated and Altered Mortgage Documents on a Mass Basis”
I can hear many of you grumbling – we are a CONSERVATIVE website we should be on the side of COMMERCE. But guess what folks – this is not Capitalism. This is not even Crony Capitalism. It is FASCISM pure and simple. What do you think OBAMACARE is all about? And the Drone program? Well the same thing is happening with Banking.

There are hearings going on this week that NOONE is even covering regarding Bank Malfeasance including money lauderering for our ENEMIES.Over the last two and a half years, Wells Fargo, like most of the major mortgage servicers, claimed that it had a “rigorous system” to insure that mortgage documents were accurate and complete. The reason this mattered was that there was significant evidence to the contrary.

The robosiging scandal was merely the tip of the iceberg of mortgage and foreclosure problems that resulted from the failure to adhere to the requirements of well-settled state real estate law. The banks maintained that there was nothing wrong with mortgage ownership or with the records. All they had were occasional errors and some unfortunate corners-cutting with affidavits. If they merely re-executed all those robosigned documents, all would be well.

Wells Fargo’s own actions say the reverse. It has been doctoring documents in house for over fifteen months for borrowers who are targeted for foreclosure. It was having this sort of work done outside the bank for an unknown period of time prior to that.

A contractor who worked at a Wells Fargo facility in Minnesota reports that the bank engaged in systematic, large scale alteration of mortgage notes and fabrication of related documents in preparation for foreclosure.

Obama may fool his followers that he is on the side of the “little guy” – but surely we will not be fooled as well?


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