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The Great Quorum Conspiracy: Secret Audio from HOT Lane Discussion at NCGOP Convention


PunditHouse Exclusive

Early this morning, a PunditHouse source provided us with the audio from the now famous Executive Committee debate on an anti-HOT lane resolution during this past weekend’s NCGOP Convention.

There have been several stories posted to date regarding the shenanigans that led to the resolution not passing the committee. ¬†This post by Kurt Naas of and this post from the Dailyhaymaker¬†outline what we like to call “Fun with Quorum Calls: Lessons on Bringing Debate to an End when Failure is Imminent”.

Here is a brief synopsis of some key time frames in this audio snippet.

Opening: Adam Love moves the resolution to the floor.
1:55 – Former NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes objects to consent
2:20 – Adam Love gives opening speech in support of the resolution
3:05 – Obvious cheers of support from the crowd
5:32 – Robin Hayes speaks against the resolution, citing desire for no Party involvement in pending legislative matters
8:30 – Thom Tillis gives 5 minute speech in favor of HOT lanes
15:30 – First Quorum Call
20:45 – Achieving Quorum, debate continues with one speaker against the resolution
23:51 – Upon Tillis’ departure, another quorum call is made. This time quorum is not met, and the meeting is ended.

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