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Trust a US bureaucrat – think again


How many secrets does our government have? What are they?

In Friday’s local paper, McClatchy’s Washington Bureau reported on “Obama’s program targets insiders”. It turns out the Obama administration believes “most federal departments and agencies nationwide, including the Peace Corps, the Social Security Administration and the Education and Agriculture departments”  have such secrets that the employees are being encouraged to report on each other. Supervisors are encouraged to punish those who don’t squeal. “(S)ome agencies are using that latitude to pursue unauthorized disclosures of any information – not just classified material.” What are these secrets the government is so afraid the people might know? What is the Peace Corps actually up to? What goes on behind the closed doors of the Department of Education and Agriculture?

Combine this story with the information which is reported to be available because of the metadata spying and the actions of the IRS in harassing those who oppose Obama and one can see where this administration is going. There is no surprise. Obama and those he surrounds himself with are about control, total control.

Because of the tracking available through smartphones, reporters will be followed, their calls monitored and those they would talk to will become afraid to pass on information. The spy agencies will know where you go and who is in close association with you, because your phones will tell them where you are and who you talked to. Those who would report on the questionable actions of government, who would go to the press, will become afraid.  But do not think Obama will stop there. Those who work with him have no compunction about the uses of power. They are the same people who give out lists of opponents and supporters so their minions in the public arena can harass those they oppose. Now, trying to find out who gave out those lists, illegally, will become impossible. Anyone who knows and disagrees will become afraid.

An example is how the left has taken exception to Civitas publishing, online, a listing of those who have been arrested at the Moral Monday protests in Raleigh. It is an interesting piece, and it turns out more than 50% of those arrested are educators, clergy or work for non-profits. If one searches Civitas Moral Monday, there are numerous citations of people in opposition to the fact that Civitas has made this information public including the local leftist shill, the CO. ( ). But none of the information is private. It is a simple matter, though time consuming, to search the public records of those who were arrested, and see what other information, perhaps from their voting registrations, another public record, and compile it. Why does the left complain? What do they think they are hiding otherwise? These will be the same people who support Obama’s policies of persecuting those who would expose and oppose big government.

But I digress. What is the Department of Education hiding? Certainly they are not hiding how to educate children, or are they? They haven’t accomplished much along that line, maybe they are intentionally keeping good methods from the people. This lack is despite the $billions they spend every year. And what is the Peace Corps hiding? How to help the down trodden? The Department of Agriculture? The Social Security Administration?

This is not about information, it is about controlling the worker bees. As the federal government is so pervasive, it is a good place for those who want control over everyone to start. So after the Department of Education has their methods worked out, you may expect them to put pressure on the local school systems to do the same, then not long after that, the teachers will be reporting on students and having them report on their parents. You think I stretch too far! Perhaps, but why is the government afraid someone in the Social Security administration may tell the rest of us some secret? Secret, what secret? What is secret about Social Security? The fact that it is a ponzi scheme? That is no secret, even though too few want to believe it.

No, this policy is another step in Obama’s continuing degradation of our free society. He ignores the Constitution and rule of law whenever he can. He uses the IRS and the courts to harass his opponents. Now he is setting the entire federal government up to spy on itself and if you think he intends to stop there, think again.

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