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McCrory Stuck in Sidecar While House Hijacks Motorcycle Safety Bill with Abortion Restrictions


In their race to become the new Mississippi, Republicans in the North Carolina House,  led by Representatives Ruth Samuelson and “Skip” Stam, stealthily slipped unpopular anti- abortion restrictions into  SB353 –  a MOTORCYCLE SAFETY BILL approved by the senate in April.

The move came on the heels of a rebuke of the Senate by Governor McCrory who tried to slip the abortion restrictions into  an “anti- Sharia Law”  bill.  The  abortion restrictions were approved by the House Judiciary Committee after a party line vote which caught the public, the House Democrats — and most shockingly – the Governor himself off guard, who had no warning or notice that his party planned to hijack the motorcycle safety bill with abortion-related amendments.

From Toll Roads chicanery to budgetary sleight of hand, to this latest back room maneuver, the Republicans seem intent on avoiding any debate or discussion of opinions contrary to their own.  If all of their ideas are so great for North Carolina, why is it they refuse any discourse not just with Democrats, which might be understandable – but  with  their own constituents, their own party faithful, and even their own Governor!

Regardless of how you feel about abortion, the petty, sneaky way the legislature thumbed their nose at the Governor, their party and the citizens of North Carolina eerily recalls the specter of Obama and his forcing of Obamacare on unwilling Americans to solve a another non-existent crisis.

If Governor McCrory cares at all for this great state, and if he  has any hope of regaining even a modicum of the power and respect that is due the ostensible head of the party in this state, then he must veto this bill.

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