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Goodbye, Julius Chambers


Julius Chambers, the black attorney who was instrumental in integrating Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools, died over the weekend.

His vision is being buried with him.

Today in the Charlotte Observer, there’s a story on the latest CMS task force, which has the unenviable task of salvaging this wasteful, dysfunctional, sprawling bureaucracy. Key among the task force’s goals is to — drum roll, please — do something, anything, about the black-white performance gap.

The chief recommendation is to create a separate school system for black males. Yes, you read that correctly: The best idea for improving black scores is an “all-male K-12 school targeting black students.”

Looks like Julius Chambers died just in time.

In addition to reinventing segregation as an official school policy, the task force also calls for the superintendent “to recruit a more diverse teaching staff.” Further, CMS must “revise disciplinary policies on ‘discretionary’ offenses” because “suspensions for those offenses, such as insubordination and classroom disruption, often fall most heavily on black males.” [“Institutional racism” MUST be the reason.] So while blacks benefit from a system tailored to their needs, white students must cope with one deliberately designed to alienate them.

I suppose the next step in equalizing outcomes will be to whack white students on the head with a baseball bat every morning.

But for sheer, unadulterated gibberish masquerading as enlightened policy, this quote from a CMS educrat takes the cake:

Cotrane Penn, a CMS employee who led the cultural competence task force, urged CMS to expand the one-person diversity department to make sure all educators understand cultural differences.

“I want to emphasize that cultural competence is not just about race,” she said. “It’s about issues of class. It’s about issues of gender. It’s about issues of sexuality.”

In other words, in the holy name of “integration,” we’re going to stress division. Right.

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