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Looks Like It’s A Review Not A Redo‏


Okay, we have reached the tipping point.  While there are confusing public statements about what the County should do to implement S159, I now believe that Bobbie Shields’ interpretation of the law is correct, i.e. a Review, not a Redo.

Having said that, it is critical that the State clarify what the County should do, in writing!

I believe (and I could be wrong), that a Review can be as effective as a Redo if it is done properly. A benefit of the Review is that resolved appeals and the work of Pearson can stand.

Since the Property Tax Commission has suspended appeals for the 2011 revaluation, the BER probably will do so as well.

An open question is whether the County can and will correct the 249 admitted errors in the Schedule of Values.  Every expert I have talked to says that this should be corrected before the review is done. Why use bad data?

One hopes:

  • That a qualified, senior executive is hired as the Assessor as soon as possible.
  • That Debbie King is allowed to make a positive impact on the Assessor’s Office.
  • That the Assessor’s Office will clean up their act and do the job correctly.
  • That the Department of Revenue (now under new leadership) will make sure that the review is done properly rather than deny there were issues as they have done for over 2 1/2 years.
  • That special consideration be given to the elderly and disabled who were damaged by the 2011 revaluation.
  • That the Board of Commissioners will be provided accurate and truthful progress reports on the Review.

Maybe this is too much to hope for, I don’t know.  County Government has lost a lot of credibility over this issue and it will take time to get it back.  This is an opportunity to rebuild confidence. I hope they don’t blow it.

I keep wanting to wind down the Newsletter and will do so very soon now.  We left for Colorado at the end of October, 2012 and I am still dealing with this. I had more fun touring the Rockies and going to Sturgis on my motorcycle!

All the best,


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