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Vinroot Endorses…


The following is just a quick observation I made the other day when peaking through the websites of our local City Council candidates.

Remember the old Sesame Street song “One of these things is not like the other”?

Well, as I was panning through the list of endorsements for At-Large Democrat candidate Vi Alexander Lyles, I noticed something a little off kilter.

Play along with me.

Which of these endorsements is not like the others?

A) Mel Watt

B) Parks Helms

C) Jennifer Roberts

D) Richard Vinroot

Ding Ding!  If you guessed letter “D”, then you win a prize.

That’s right, former Republican Mayor and former Republican candidate for Governor Richard Vinroot is listed among the who’s who of local Democrats that have endorsed this first time candidate.

Now this certainly isn’t a knock on Ms. Lyles.  By all means collect all the endorsements you can when running for office.

The situation just reminds me of the sheer audacity so many moderate/establishment Republicans have.  We Conservatives are seemingly always lectured about “Party loyalty” and that fealty to the great and powerful “R” should always come before philosophical or personal differences with candidates.  We are scolded for simply not publicly endorsing candidates of our Party with whom we disagree.

I wonder what the same “R” loyalists will say to a prominent member of their Party who has now gone so far as to endorse a “D”ark sider?  Does he get a pass for being a moderate himself?  Has his absence from electoral politics in recent years cleared his path to such boldness?

Frankly, in the name of intellectual freedom, he is also free to endorse whomever he chooses.

I’d just like to know this:

Which Republican candidate running is he throwing under the bus?

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