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Peterson Requests Return of Panthers Donations

Dennis Peterson

Dennis Peterson

Dennis Peterson, candidate for Charlotte City Council At-Large, released the following statement today.

“I indicated yesterday during the WTVI League of Women’s Voters debate that I felt incentives led to a “culture of cronyism”. That afternoon, I was proven correct when the Charlotte Business Journal released an article showcasing how Council supporters of the handout deal for the Carolina Panthers have received thousands of dollars in donations from Panthers’ ownership and management.”

Peterson continued, “This is absolutely unfortunate.  When elected to public office, there is an expectation boundary above that of an average citizen.  Seeing certain candidates receive donations from an organization they gave $87.5 million to sends the wrong message to our citizens.  It sends the message that “money talks, and the constituent walks”.  I would humbly request that those who received donations from the Panthers after voting to give them millions of dollars would return those donations and publicly apologize for the perceived conflict of interest.”


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